**I am still working on my internet store.. After I created my whole website I found out that there was no way to do financial transactions with this "dinosaur" web builder.. So it will not be on this website but I will have a link to an Etsy or Ebay store... So for this case my web doesn't need or have to have security for giving out information as Etsy and Ebay will provide a place for me to sell my things and give security to any information that U need with purchases.. ..

These are some of the things that I have created:

 HeartStrings4Jesus CD: Which has beautiful, heavenly, relaxing instrumental only of my violin playing and features:
 Amazing Grace
 I Walked Today where Jesus Walked
    All Creatures of our God and King
    Rock of Ages
   Master the Tempest is Raging
Meditation from Thais
Then: I Walked Through the Garden Alone
 and it ends with: The Lord's Prayer.. 

First, third and last songs are accompanied by the piano... 
(You can listen to them on my songs&poetry4Jesus page.. a couple are missing to listen to because I don't want to pay streaming fees..)

I also have my single Mp3 song that I wrote: Protect the Children available..
which is sang by Michelle  Smith (P.S. She is not to be confused with the country singer spelled with only one L and that has very low standards) she is accompanied by her mother: Leslie Bangerter and has performed many times for Primary Children's hospital.. I hope soon to record it with me singing it in a country style in my next album..

I am soon ready to put out my next CD which will be filled with some of my own music and will be a country Christian album... Some of it will be really fun but about four of the songs are slow country..   all with nondenomiational Christian gospel messages in them... (and which I won't have to pay royalties or yearly streaming fees!)  Then I will creat a widget store to refer U to...  I'm excited to share my music with U ... Everyone I share my songs with seems to really love them and I get great feedback.. even though I am not this highend professional singer... I can sing..
My third CD  will be "Me & My Awesome Friends" with my friends performing with me... on instruments or as guest singers ... Most will be my music..  fun and awesome  I have incredible friends with incredible musical gifts!!  I can't wait 4 U to hear them!..

I also will be selling my Dont4getJesusLuvsU products..

and my Dont4getJesusLuvsU and TurnUrHeart2Jesus  (With the word heart replaced by a red heart) Necklaces..

I will also be selling my Beginning Violin Book: JesusHelpMeLearntheViolin (which will be followed by a whole series of violin books..) that is supported by 40 different religious songs from many Christian religions.. and which has an awesome method to learn the violin or support to teach the violin...

I will also be selling the sheet music of the many songs that I have written.. My favorite being my bluegrass song: Spread the Love of Jesus.. (Refer to my songs&Poetry4Jesus page)

I will also be selling several of my books:
Motherhood: A Divine calling from God above.. A priceless gift of sacrifice and love...
My Imperfect, Yet Most Awesome Father .. (Aren't they all)
Also my book filled with my poetry which is mostly religious:  Inspired Thoughts sent from Heaven Above: My Poetry And Lyrics to my songs also.. by Mae Wagenen

**Another upcoming three book series that I am writing is the three generational inspirational stories (always with a religious side and a humorous side along with their many good times and trials..) of the lives of my most incredible Swedish Grams: that eventually migrated to America and across the plains into Montana..  (I wish someday that I could have the funds to make them into a movie or series similar to the Love Comes Softly series or the Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie..and more..)
   Then after that I want to write a series about my Norweigian & English side of the family & my aunti has already written a novel about the Irish side of our family..

I also hope to sell some of my tolepainted folky art stuff one of which is my English thatched roof cottages that Have: As For Me and My House: We will Serve the Lord ... which I write with my freehand old English calligraphy  on them.. I made up my own original English cottage..


 You can also contact me at if you want to order anything..
P.S. No copying permitted without personal permission.. Thank you..