"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths."  Proverbs  3:5-6

     This page is dedicated towards ideas that can help us care for our physical, mental & spiritual health.. In the Bible there is much information & advice that God and His Son has to give us to bring us health & mental wellbeing, happiness... and spiritual strength.

To start out with, there are certain songs that are empowering that give us strength from above and bring us immediately closer to the Savior and buoy you up spiritually to help you through life.. It would help you greatly to learn and memorize (If you haven't already done so through the years) several or many spiritual songs that by singing them or even thinking them in your mind.. they will give you the power to ward off satan or evil that may be around you or popping up in your brain or any troubled or negative or hopeless thoughts that satan may be striving to put within your mind...
    Here is one of my favorites that since I was very young I would think of or sing... It is also like singing my testimony that I have of my Savior, Jesus Christ...

The first thing I would want you to do to care for yourself is to.... strive to daily replenish your spiritual strength.... (if you are not already doing it) .. Now I have already reviewed that area in my home page on my JesushelpmeBLikeU page.... So you should have already learned much to help you spiritually.. but I just can not reiterate enough how spiritual strength will help with all other areas of your life that you may be experiencing problems.. We are told in the scriptures: "I can do all things through Christ (Jesus) who strengthens me!!" and "God is my strength and refuge.. a very present help in troubled (times).."  So this must become your first and most important step: To strive to be close to your Savior, Jesus Christ and your Father in Heaven.. starting to put personal prayer and morning scripture reading first before you go about your day.. and not just once a day but on bad, hard or difficult days pull out the scriptures even morning.. noon and night.. and have a prayer in your              Picfrom:     heart and mind all throughout the day.. But I reiterate to create the time to start your day with scriptures and prayer..  When I don't seem to have the time for scriptures I at least read a few verses for at least two minutes... You can always take two to five minutes.... but it usually leads to longer.. and if you only do this two minute time.. that means that you need to seek another time that day to read or study even more, five minutes a day for scriptures is not enough to spiritually replenish and strengthen your spiritual reserve, your soul.... 
    When I had my death experience I was told that I was not "feasting upon the word of God" or that I needed to be feasting upon the word of God and that I should even read the scriptures more than just once a day but even here and there throughout the day..  I can see such a difference when I turn to the scriptures here and there throughout the day verses not at all or just a couple of minutes a day.. It is not just enough to replenish the spiritual strength needed.. Especially in this day where so much evil abounds.. In is not enough once a day for us or our children.. So I (and the Lord would greatly admonish you to put more of a priority on you scriptures and daily prayer.. having a prayer in your heart and mind here and there throughout the day.. Once a day is just not enough to sustain us and get us ahead so you need to stop cheating what should be the most important area of your life for your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing in this life..
    Jesus told us to "Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added unto you.." This is truly the greatest wisdom for caring for yourself...  When things start falling apart or increased trials come or begin to feel unbearable.. or if everything is seeming to go wrong... Stop and analyze if you are putting God first in your life... and if you are living the gospel of Jesus Christ to it's fullest and usually you will find that you are slacking or not putting the priority to put God first your life there will be less hope, more discouragement, more suffering, more things going wrong.. and more times that we will bring suffering upon ourselves...              ( Review my paragraph on choices and consequences..) yet there are times that suffering and trials will come despite living how we should.. but God has plans of testing and growth for us to grow closer to Him and more like Him.. So even the very most righteous are not exempt from trials and suffering.

Another very important step in putting your spiritual self first I feel, is seeking spiritual joy through others that have the same Christian and spiritual values as you... and being active in a Christian congregation of your choice.. This will help you to have spiritual support from others... and build quality friendships that can be close to you and more able to help you when you are in need.. spiritually or physically.. or with temporal material needs... such as helping out with having a place over your head or times of financial needs or medical problems or I could make a          Picfrom       long list of times that we are in need..if we are suffering from illness or physical distress or just help with every day odds and ends that come your way.. .. and it is such an incredible blessing if you have not just spiritual help but this kind of help when you need it ..
    Plus there can be clergy present to help strengthen you spiritually and we are always uplifted by the special messages that they can give to you personally and to their congregation.. plus we are strengthened when others share their experiences in Christ or testimonies or scripture knowledge.. and scripture study as a group can be so enlightening and accomplish more at times than if we are on our own.. There are too many that I have seen through the years that try to be by themselves or create that kind of personality where they would rather be alone without friends or maybe they have developed a difficult personality where they make it hard for others to want to be with them or to befriend them .. but this is all wrong and though there may be times you are happy with this .. there will come times when you may be very sorry for ever choosing to just be alone and not a people person that God is and wants us to be.... God and Jesus wants us to be there for each other and to "fellowship with the saints.. and to strengthen and care for one another.."
    I will say that it may be hard to find someone with Christian values in your area these days so if that happens that is even more of a reason to choose a congregation or religion for support when other neighbors may lack spiritual support as they choose to be more of the world.. that heaven above..   (U can check out my FB site: Dont4getJesusluvsU)

And this brings me to delve into the subject of friends: Having spiritual friends with your same Christlike standards is so important.. and in this day and age where satan has his influence on so many aspects of life it is critical to choose a friend that will not bring you down spiritually or lead you into situations where it would be much easier to lower your standards and make choices that can even deteriorate your mind and body and your soul.. and destroy your life on this earth or in the hearafter and take you far from God. You see it          
  Picfrom:   happening all of the time to these good kids and adults..
    ** It is critical to have the support of friends that will lift you up and help you to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.. and God's commandments for us ..
   There may be times
where God may prompt you to help, befriend and influence those who are not living how they should.. but only then, if you are living worthy to have the promptings of the Holy Ghost with you, should you proceed to follow through with these promptings.. He tell you when and where not to be or to be..  He may give you the prompting to invite friends that are living a lesser life with the intent to lift them up and include them in your life.. and He may prompt you to invite them to good wholesome activities.. especially church or religious related, or maybe even to join in with scripture study with you.. . *as long as you have the strength to stay away from bad places that they frequent or to refrain from the lesser life choices that they (and satan) could lure you into participating in.... and be so aware to turn down invitations to go to places or activities that could compromise or temp you to participate in satan's world of the many ways that he can ensnare and trap and enslave his victims to leave the goodness of God...
    Do not participate with a friend or linger near a friend where.... they may be participating in Rated Teen or especially M or TA electronic games which have much violence, witchcraft or sorcery.. or even more and more they are coming out with games with more sexuality in them.. or even lude comments.. or foul language.. but especially note that most of these games are also continually playing music that Heavenly Father's spirit cannot be with you...
.. If your friends are watching television or movies that promotes non Christian standards or is being many times religiously degrading, which includes most sitcombs these days.. especially TCB, Community, Parks& Recreation, Desperate Housewives, Steinfield, even Friends.. especially cartoons like Simpsons, South Park..Family Guy and I could go on and on as you know... Even regular specials like American Idol just aired a new video along with their competition that had outright nude content in it.. from one of the judges.. and yet when she is on the program she has been wearing very modest dresses and a big cross.. Which makes me wonder at times if she is trying to say she is trapped with producers that are requiring her to put forth a sexual image when she doesn't desire this image.. many performers can be forced to do so once they sign a contract..  Now also remember that Heavenly Father's spirit can not be with you when you watch violence.... or even Movies gaming, T.V & even music.. with alot of violence and horrific crimes that satan has put into the minds of men.. one example is the Batman with the Joker in it (Newer version) It had one evil thing after another... and I just could stand to watch it anymore and had to leave the home that was watching it.. Or the StarWars where anakin turns to the dark side.. or even some of the Harry Potter Movies..  There is so much evil present throughout the movie.. that even though it is suppose to be goodness fighting against much evil present throughout the movie that Heavenly Father's spirit cannot be with you... and satan spirit is there with you much more often.. The same with shows with much violence....  ((((finish music, dances or parties where heavenly Father's spirit cannot be with you..

     Now I want to add on another very critical subject that contributes enormously to your spiritual wellbeing and physical and mental care.. Making the choice of eating healthy and not taking any thing into your body that would deteriorate you mentally, spiritually or physically..  My husband and I are (most) always into eating healthy, although I admit that we get caught up with     picfrom;  up with yummy junk here and there! Like a most delicious piece of Village Inn Carmel pie that my sister has at Christmas.... (Nope! We could not turn it away!!Well we could have but didn't choose too.. So I had to suffer the consequence of putting on 5lbs. extra that season by over eating.. Haven't lost it since..!) For many years of our marriage we have chosen to eat healthy and only unhealthy sweets once or twice a week. Our awareness started most about four years into our marriage when we started to deal with our first son being very high strung/hyper and having a struggle to concentrate.. We then had him tested and realized that he had ADHD.. but we always had a bad feeling about putting him on the prescription drug Ritalin, which many may not realize was actually an illegal street drug. (Unless they have changed it by now?)  So we then decided to work hard on taking nutritional action instead to help him and we knew that we had to get sugar out of his diet and so we strove to never let him have candy, candy bars, sodas or coolaid (that was very popular then). and it did majorly help calm him and to focus better.  Most of our married life we have rarely bought candy or candybars.. I will admit that we have bought it before around Halloween.. (A holiday I have come to have very bad feeling about..Especially since my death experience) , and we have always chosen special water like Culligan or Superior or we have bought higher end water purifiers .. (Kangen is the healthiest.... When you have healthy water it tastes so much better and you are much more apt to drink it often) instead of coolaid, sodapop (Which weakens your bones and more), highly addictive caffeine drinks such as Coke, Pepsie Mountain Dew, coffee, tea.. (Proven to help in some ways but then proven to addict and deteriorate in many ways..Nervous system, kidneys and heart are effected the most..) even chocolate drinks all of which are also usually high in refined sugar .. we have chosen healthy grain drinks Like Pero, Ovelteen, Carob &  Postom instead.. or to buy 100% fruit juices or healing hearbs that we prepare similar to teas.... So many people in the world waste money on unhealthy, addictive drinks & foods that enslave you and even deteriorate your health.. And I and my friend that helps with an alcohol rehabilitation clinic can go on and on about the negative effects of alcohol.. which you should avoid like the plague even though others may promote it as being "Healthy" for you!!! The negative short and long term effects far outweigh the positive.. Especially when I saw Catholic priests drunk on the ground in Italy with a bottle of wine in their hand and then in Norway.. I saw the alcoholic, homeless sailor begging for his money with a bottle of vodka by his side.. (We gave him a sandwhich..).. In Germany we saw many alcoholics.. and they were present in England also and I was reading an article about the terrible effects that alcohol is having on Russia and it's nation and they said that one year it was attributed to 10,000 deaths!.. So sad!!.. In a Scottish news article it spoke of the problems of drinking that it's nation was having and stated how they are going to commence a rally to cut back on drinking.. My brother who lived in Ireland for a couple years told me of the is high level of drinking problems they had there.. even worse than Scotland... Many areas throughout the world has major problems with alcohol... even our American Indians.. Even so many Americans.. I've seen the ugliness that comes with being drunk on the news.. on T.V. documentaries.. with many a movie  and rock star and those partying at rock concerts and even with the drinking that takes place at sports events.. I have even seen a pastor marry the groom and bride sharing wonderful, uplifting and spiritual comments.. then later that night he gets so drunk that he is sexually dancing with a couple of woman who are dressed immodestly .. and he has no control of his words and actions....
   Satan can so easily take over when alcohol takes away your freedom to think and respond in a Christlike way..  Alcohol is so many times a deteriorating, destructive, degrading plague that has destroyed even millions throughout history in one way or another.. It has also destroyed many families.. and if you struggle with alcoholism... it is almost guaranteed that your children will also if they decide to drink.. and even your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be at higher risk.. and if you start drinking at a young age.. then your chances for addiction are ten fold.. (This is part of Russia's problems as many start drinking at very young ages.. )  .. 
     I've been to about 30 states and a dozen different countries of the world and every place I go I have seen my fair share of alcoholics or drunk people, throughout my life.. It is just so sad.. even so sadly my husband's own father .. Finally at 44 he was able to quit as he lay near death due to liver deterioration.. and a new wonderful man emerged as he "dried up" and turned his heart and mind over to God.. ...
   Alcohol deteriorates your liver, nervous system, brain and heart.. Even in when taken in smaller portions... Regular dark grape juice is so much healthier than wine.. and if it is pain relief or relief from mental stress or problems you are drinking for... In the scriptures there are times when it comes down on strong drinks and over drinking and even gives the example of not choosing to drink at all with the example of Daniel and his friends as they chose to abstain from alcohol and meats to improve their mental health and bodily strength over the other men who were not refraining..  Many friends that have come back to religion and Christ told me that they were not able to overcome alcoholism until they truly turned to Christ.. and some couldn't quit until they received special blessings..
    One missionary said that while serving in the poverty stricken Barrios of Brazil an alcoholic woman with very poor health stumbled up to him and fell at his feet and she begged of him to help her overcome her alcoholism.. and at first he was dumbfounded and thought.. "How can I help her.. I am not an expert on rehabilitation.." but then the spirit of God powerfully told him to make her a promise... and here was the promise.. He gave her the scriptures and he told her: "I promise you that if you will read these scriptures morning, noon and night and when ever you begin to get the urge to drink you will be able to stop your drinking.." and they left.. and they didn't see the woman around for a whole month.. but then one day a ten year old boy came running up to them so happy and excited.. and he said something like: "Do you remember my mother that came to you about her drinking problem.. " and they said they remembered and then he said; "For the past month I have been reading the scriptures with my mother like you said and for the first time in her life she was able to stop drinking and she hasn't drank since you told her to read the scriptures.. Please come and see her... She wants to see you... "   and they taught them the gospel and soon after they were baptized.. 
     Weather it is a drinking problem, eating problems, sexual problems, mental problems, pain problems, gambling problems, job problems, financial problems, overspending problems.. marriage problems.. problems with children, relatives, friends, coworkers, or your enemies... or dealing with anykind of addictions or trials..  God and His Son Jesus Christ will help you to overcome them all!!! Again, remember that "I can do all things through Christ, Jesus who strengthens me!" but!!! There are times that we need to do our part to help let Him in to strengthen us..  Through Jesus and God our Father in Heaven that luvs us dearly and wants us to overcome satan's worldly world... we can overcome all things that satan throws in our path!!! On our own we will probably fail ... but with Them on our side.. success to overcome and endure is with us..   
 (I Have a great FB site with many informing posts concerning health. It is called: "Your Body is a Temple: Feed it Healthy")

There are two PBS specials out right now that I wish everyone would watch from beginning to end...
     First I feel as this Dr. Hyman has things to share that are critical... I am sharing this with everyone after watching his PBS special I feel as he has figured it all out in his comprehensive special... more than anyone else... Strive to share this post in peoples message box so they can access it often.. to educate others... Wether or not U are overweight.. U are still at risk.. We need to take blood sugar levels & a healthy diet very serious.. Major health crisis is upon America.. 
Scroll down and review as many as his videos here as possible...

Review.. every one of these videos... Here is the best explanations yet as to why obesity is rampaging like a freight train throughout America & even the world as many countries adopt the "American Junk Diet".... learn about what he terms "diabesity"... author of "The Blood Sugar Solution"... So many are on the road to diabeties if they continue on with their "American Junk diet" (My words).. Record amounts of children are coming down with it & even babies are now being born with it thanks to the poor high sugar diet of their mothers... luv U all... I just need this passed around to whoever U can... Don't miss his PBS special... Post it in peoples message boxes so they can always have it to refer back to easier.. so it won't get lost in Facebook... Get people off of their High blood pressure medications & diabetic meds... & all meds possible by eating healthy & by exercize.. & more.

Another PBS special is by Dr. Amen.... Called "The Amen Solution"  and "Change Your Brain, Change Your Body"   and He also has other books and videos out... He is a brain specialist that promotes many healthy things but his best expertise is in reviewing brain scans and especially evaluating before and after brain scans of people who had been abusing their body and brain in one way or another.. be it drugs.. junk eating.. especially becoming overweight.. or evaluating the brains of head injuries or the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's.. Or the brains of mentally unstable persons..  So He takes these persons that have unhealthy brains and he puts them on healthy diets and exercise.... and then he retakes their brain scans.. and he finds out that our amazing brain can repair itself...     Here is his website... but I would promote you to watch his PBS special and or to purchase his books or videos.....    (I would also promote this with Dr. Hyman ofcorse...)    Here is Dr.. Amen's official website:  .
     Also on youtube check out many more of his videos: Here is a review of his PBS special that you can purchase also...
I would promote you to keep up with the latest natural health specials on TV or News or with health magazines.. ect... Educate yourself... striving to stay away from drugs with harmful sideeffects.. yet some doctors drugs are wonderful... just strive to go the natural way and also mostly work on prevention in the first place.... rather than waiting til after things have gone wrong with your body and brain due to neglect...

Since I had my last two children so close together I started to simplify my life to have more time & I started to not cook near as much as I used to.. (U wouldn't know that at one time in my life I was into gourmet cooking & even took some classes in a fine culinary school in Venice when we lived in Italy..) But five kids later & with my two so close & having lived in Germany, North Dakota, Utah, California, England, San Antonio too ... I

Here is a web that will help U even further to choose foods and drinks that can heal and keep U healthy:    Also strive to buy a flask or water system that can change ur water into alkaline ionized water... Alkaline foods and water can heal!! and keep U very healthy.. Pray for strength to eat healthy and stay away from the acidic junk food that he is talking about...

         Fast Healthy recipes I've created and others too....
Eating healthy is so important to caring for our body that should be as a holy temple...
My husband and I like to buy lots of Nine Grain tortillas and we are always filling them with healthy creative things..
God wants us to practice self control and self mastery over what we choose to eat.. Eating as healthy as possible so our bodies and minds can be healthy..

From very young strive to teach your children to make healthy choices in their daily eating... Teach them to choose many fresh fruits and vegetables over junk food.. and teach them to choose healthy alternatives instead of junk food... and what I mean is for instance.. choosing Sun Chips over regular potato chips

One of our favorite to fill these tortillas with is: Tuna, small chopped up bits of broccoli then spread a little Creamy Parmesan dressing over it then sprinkle with some mozzarella (or mild cheddar cheeze... You can heat it up melting the cheeze over it in the oven a little or eat it cold if wanted...

We also fill it with tuna, spinach, dried cranberry bits and a sweet berry dressing and some mozzarella cheeze Sometimes I add a few sunflower seeds or walnuts..
For our ward picnic yesterday.. I made a spinach salad with pineapple bits, tangerines, dried cranberry bits and walnuts in it.. very yummy.. also at that picnic I saw several fruit salads... Waldorf salads with cut up apple and walnuts .. and also carrot coleslaw with pineapple.. raisins.. and you could add walnuts if wanted then add some mayonnaise with a tich of vinegar and some honey or healthy alternative to sugar.. and at the picnic I also tried a pasta dish made with whole wheat pasta and sauted fresh young green beans with sauted small cherry tomatoes and it had a thin sauce over it..
    I also saw pasta primavera with the vegetable pasta chilled with baby frozen peas.. sauted diced carrots.. and olives.. I do also make that myself often.. more during the summer .. season with olive oil and parmasean cheeze.. and refrigerate..

Another tortilla filler that is so quick is to open up a can of diced spiced up tomatoes and also a can of blackbeans.. spoon them onto the tortilla then top with sour cream w/ chives.. then add alittle ranch dressing for more flavor.. then top with cheese.. If wanted add some Romain lettuce.. or even a little fresh sweet baby corn..  No! use the corn as a side dish along with your tortilla..  I luv to eat it uncooked or unbuttered and just fresh.. delicious!

Then I luv the idea of filling the tortillas with apples, grapes, coldchicken bits & a sweetened honey/ miraclewhip dressing I just create myself.. top with walnuts & even candied walnuts fried in honey.. It is similar to the one you find at Arbys...

Also open a can of chili beans.. heated or not and spoon them onto the tortilla or wrap ( We prefer them spicy and without meat) and then add a couple spoonfuls of chives sour cream and add darker Romain lettuce...
( All darker lettuces have more nutrients in them) Then we top it with a taco or mexican cheeze... Sometimes we will add some freshly cut sweet baby corn straight from the cob.)

U can also add tuna/ fresh bean sprouts.. sunflower seeds.. top lightly with a light ranch dressing and sprinkle with mozzeralla cheeze.. Very yummy!!

(Many of the above items above we also top on a heavy nine grain bread and turn into sandwiches..)

Or top your tortilla with some spoonfuls of black beans  and add brown rice, Heated or not) finely shred Romain lettuce and top then mozzarella cheeze.. and my favorite Cafe Rio green sauce...
(Not hot & spicy) or mild green taco sauce..

Our favorite pizza is Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza from Papa Murphys where you bring the pizza home to bake in your own oven.. It is so jammed with yummy veggies that are good for you!!! Yum... Remember that Peperoni pizza is very unhealthy for you.. any processed meats are unhealthy for you and beef can be in several ways also.. and yet your body needs a good amount of protein .. when you eat plenty of beans.. dark green veggies and even some fruit.. you can get the protein you need..

One thing that I like to put in the crockpot is small red tomatoes.. slivered carrots.. sweet onions and mushrooms..  add a about two cups of water and a chicken, or beef if you prefer.. gravy mix.. If wanted add a small roast.. and simmer for about five or six hours..  even more if it has the roast.. cook it until the meat falls apart.. Yum...

Many times we buy a plain cheeze pizza and top it with three or four different vegetables yourself............ even with small bits of broccoli, or spinach, or very thinly sliced carrots!! Top with a layer of mozzarella cheeze.. very yummy...
     Or I will make a taco pizza topped with chilli beans.. salsa
(dry out some of the liquid with a paper napkin, broken little bits of tortilla chips and olives.. yum!!..)

We have been trying to eat more cabbage... It is so quick to cut up a portion of a purple cabbage, (my favorite.. on the sweet side) and even onions if wanted in some olive oil & a small layer of water..   Keep it somewhat crispy.. Then add a can of black beans of white beans.. Then squeeze some lemon over it.. and it is very yummy.. ... ..

  I will say that my body feels so much better when I abstain from meats and eat lots of vegetables and fruits.. (and drink lots of water.. The LDS religion has a health code to eat meats sparingly.. ) I agree with it and so do many heart and cancer doctors..  Those who would be getting off of meats must eat very healthy with alot of legums and dark green veggies to have a good protein base in their diet.. and those overcoming addictions such as junk food, processed flour or sugar, sugar drinks, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, prescription or street drug addictions (Smoking tobacco or marijuana also)  will actually feel terrible for a time even lousy, in more pain and more nervous.. so don't judge eating healthier not making you feel better then because you won't for a while until you totally overcome your addiction.. I will say that eating healthier will assist you in overcoming your addiction faster....  
     **When overcoming addictions you have to understand how addiction works: When you are taking your addiction you will feel better... but when you don't have it for a time you will feel worse until you feed your addiction again. So your goal is to get away from feeding that addiction.. and it will be so so hard at first.. You may even need help from a spiritual rehabilitation center.. but choose a spiritual one.. I've heard it from many friends or on the television.. (Thank God I haven't had to go through it myself...) U feel more pain, more aches, even overwhelmingly anxious or nervous and even desperate to have your fix.. and during these times it will be so important and critical... to rid your home of these addictions.. to have friends to turn to that do not have the addictions present.. to plan out alot of physical exersize and activities, helping projects to help others (who don't have the addiction around) and uplifting distractions and musical endeavors like learning an instrument or increasing your music practice if you already play an instrument.. (although if you are choosing music where satan is with it then God can not give you strength to overcome.. If you are doing anything where satan is presentEven violent or low standard electronic gaming) where God's spirit cannot be with you then you will not have the strength of God to overcome...
     I've had about a dozen friends tell me that they could not overcome their addiction until they turned themselves totally over to God..  Turn to God day and night and stay away from sources of where you buy your addictions and be very diligent about putting many spiritual music, T.V. viewing, movies.. friends who are not following through with addictions you are trying to overcome... and plan and participate in many many .. physical activities of all sorts.. ... until you can totally get off of it.. which may take even months some times.. ofcorse with some addictions you need to always be on guard maybe even years or for the rest of your life.. but when truly eating healthy.. you will have more and more days that you will have wonderful good feelings... Then when you start up with addictions again you may feel temporarily better but you will never feel the great feeling that eating healthy can truly bring.. and you then of course will be ..
       (For getting off of prescription medication you should work through a medical doctor that is also a naturalistic doctor and that has desires to help you get off of medications: Review my natural Thyroid recommendation that is healthier than the doctors .. well it is was created by a doctor but it is all natural also if you are on anti depressants diabetes and high blood pressure medications.. work with your doctor to get off them.. If your doctor doesn't believe it can't be done.. then change doctors.. because every season it happens on biggest looser.. These people will be on all kinds of medications such as these and on insulin also when they start and it shows them working with the trainers and their main doctor to loose weight and get in physical condition and to get off of all their medications.. and by the time the season is over they are many times off of all of their medications.. one person even got off of eight medications..) 
Sorry for getting sidetracked on that.. but it is such an important subject..

Now I want to start sharing actual recipes.. Here is some yummy sauces that I love.. but be careful to use them sparingly and use healthy oils.. as dressings and sauces can attribute to weight gain..

I love the Cafe Rio's tortilla soup also... 

Put together:
a can of chicken broth...
some shredded chicken (Not too much &if vegitarian .. leave out)
salsa as much as U desire.. ( not too spicey hot)
and then shredded tortilla chips  just before you go to eat it..
I luv lots of lime..
So sqeeze in enough lime so it is on the strong side..
Top with cheeze...  and cilantro if possible  (The more U add the healthier)
This is very yummy soup...

My favorite Cafe Rio's Creamy Tomatillo Dressing

1 package Ranch Buttermilk Dressing mix
1/3 cup buttermilk
1 cup Mayonnaise (I use half mayo and half sour cream)
3 fresh tomatillos
1 cup fresh cilantro
2 cloves garlic
¼ tsp cayenne pepper 

Cilantro Lime Rice  This is their delicious slimmy green sauce... Takes longer.. but make alot and store it in your fridge..

3 c water
3 c rice
3 chicken bouillon cubes
1 tsp salt
¼ cup lime juice
1/2 small onion
2 cloves garlic
1/2 bunch cilantro, remove large stems
1 small can green chillies
*If wanted.. try sweetening with some honey...

Place water, rice, bouillon, and salt in pot. Bring to boil. Place lime juice, onion, garlic, cilantro and green chilies in a blender and puree. Stir into rice. Simmer, covered, for about 25 minutes.

Cafe Rio's Guacamole

2-3 ripe Avocados
1-2 Tbl lime juice
1/2 tomato, finely chopped
2 Tbl finely chopped onion
salt, to taste (or use garlic salt)

Mash avocado and lime juice with a fork. Fold in the tomato, onion, and salt.

I will be sure to add more recipes later..

Here are some of my Healthy deserts.....  Always think fruit when you think deserts... and keep sugar and processed white flour out of your deserts..  Instead of icecream or shakes we create kind of like a frozen shake or even sorbet that is similar to icecream texture.. but... we use nothing but frozen fruit and at times just a little yogurt or nuts..  Although we slip or give in here and there to unhealthy food and deserts most of the time is very important to us to eat healthy.. and eating real fruit is the healthy key to healthy deserts.. So we faithfully buy several bags of frozen fruit.. (Especially blueberries.. Your darkest berries are your healthiest..) and many different kinds of fruit each time we do our major grocery shopping.....
*For shakes depending on how much you want to make: add between 1/2 c. cold water or apple juice.. or 1 c. of water if you are making enough for two or three.. Less water means thicker and I like thicker so For two 16 oz. glasses I add 1/2 c of water and about 2 to three cups of frozen fruit (Sometimes it depends on the size of the frozen fruit) in the blender (Usually at your store you can buy as many as five different kinds: frozen Raspberries, peaches, strawberries, pineapple and blueberries.. or you can buy your own fresh fruit and freeze it if wanted (Or better yet pick it from your garden!!.. Choose one or more to mix together.) *Sometimes we will add in some yogurt and a banana... but then it turns out pudding like instead of shake like...

*For an icecream like sorbet use no liquid only frozen fruit.. If wanted a bit sweeter add a little honey or use the natural healthier stevia fruit...  Store in freezer for 10 or 15 min.. but eat promptly if possible.. ( It is kind of ruined if you freeze it ... not as good.. and if you do freeze it all the way through it turns out hard as a rock and some blenders or processors struggle to reblend it so serve it promptly.. )

*For a yummy healthy parfait in a seethrough glass add a layer of fruit, then a (small) layer of yogurt, then a layer of yogurt, then a layer of walnuts, then a layer of yogurt, then a layer of fruit..

For the best oatmeal ever: (Great for bringing down cholesterol) Cook old fashioned oats according to box (Quaker Oats being the best quality) Try to make it a little liquidy instead of dry.. and cook at least five minutes pouring it into boiling water and making sure that you have at least a 1/2 to one t. salt.. (otherwise the oatmeal will taste like cardboard.) Then before you transfer from the element.. add a generous amount of frozen blueberries.. stir in and keep them on the turned off element for about one minute.. then transfer to your bowl.. add in some chopped walnuts.. then sprinkle with a generous amount of Cinnamon.. (Good for diabetics and blood sugar regulation).. Then top with a generous amount of Honey.. and as much milk or silk (Soymilk) as desired (Although soy products are not recommended for those who are dealing with hypo (sluggish) thyroid.... Eat it while it is still somewhat hot..  I used to get sick of oatmeal that we had many a morning until I started fixing it this way!!! Yummy!

*Another favorite sweet treat of mine is making naturally sweet drinks from our Jack Lalane Juicer .. For one 16 oz. drink we add about four carrots.. four celery sticks and one apple.. Stir well then drink!! Have this every morning and your eyesight will improve!! Yum!!

*Then I take the pulp that is left from the juicer.. I then pull out my cornbread mix that comes in a little box (Jiffy) and I make it up then add in a cup of the pulp Apple rinds, celery strings and carrot peels together.. and I then stir it into the muffin mix along with an extra egg and 1/2 cup of walnuts.. I then put it in a greased pie tin or about 6 to eight cups of a greased muffin tin or cupcake cups..  Very yummy!! Serve with honey if wanted..

 .. .. muffins from pulp.. coleslaw with raisins.. fruit cup with berries and grapes. Waldorf salad.. (grapes, apples, pecans, on Romain lettuce. {Your darker lettuces have twice as much nutritional value.. ) 
Most of our deserts center around fruit or at times even fruit.

   ** So many times I sadly see parents buying sugar, sugar drinks, sugar deserts, and candy, even giving their children whole containers or bags of it at times.. (Even if they are small containers it is too much! I used to buy a small box and share it five ways and that is still too much candy.. Don't even buy it at all ... ever!!  Even at Halloween!! ) Sugary candy is more than likely  inspired by Devil himself.. not of God and when we started to sell candy as an alternative for income.. I started to have such a sick feeling every time I would fill our machines with candy.. and we just had to quit because of it..
    It is not healthy for your body that should be as a "temple" of God.. and know ye that God can dwell therein.. (The spirit of the Holy Ghost..) God does not want us to take anything into our body that is unhealthy for it.. because it can effect our health,our mind and our spiritual soul.. When we do..  Though here and there I end up giving in to delectable deserts made with sugar.. I want you to think like my natural wellness doctor told me: to think of candy and sugar.. especially white sugar as you would a poison... and teach your children to do the same..  It maybe doesn't react as fast as a poison does but the slow or at times even quick deterioration will cause many things in your body & mind to go wrong.. The first is rotten teeth, and not to forget weightgain.. Then it wreaks havoc on our nervous system and peace of mind and our blood/sugar levels to become dangerous even leading into life threatening diabetes.. and sugar makes hyperactivity worse in children and adults..  For so many years we have (most of the time) stayed away from anything with processed white sugars in it and used honey instead.. which does have a sugar content but it distributes itself more as a complex sugar such as in fruit that is so much healthier, natural form for you... than a simple sugar that spikes bloodsugar levels quickly.. Here is an article where you can pull up 146 reasons why sugar is bad for you...
     Seek Healthy Alternatives to sugar and candy: My greatest alternative that I have to combat my craving for candy is natural fruits like grapes, cherries, raisins and dried cranberry chips.. If its sugar that you want.. use a healthy sugar called Stevia, Agave, or honey,  (If you have sweet chocolate cravings reach for some carob chips which are so much healthier than chocolate. They come over as chocolate is healthy for you but unless it is totally dark chocolate without any sugar or unhealthy oil additives.. it is not.. plus it can cause migraines and is not healthy for your nervous system.. and it is addictive..)  Ginger candy made from honey instead of white sugar... make 100% frozen fruitjuice pops.. make dried fruit leather.. and dried fruit bits from apricots, mangoes and even bits of apples and bananas.. and though not very sweet... I luv to buy coconuts here and there.. They are so good 4 U & coconut milk & oil to cook with.. also eat lots of figs and dates are so sweet yet healthy for you.. (email me with more ideas) ......  

    Some form of physical activity each day is so important to your body and mental and spiritual welbeing...  I decided after my death experience to strive to turn as much of my life over to God as I could, so I even decided to turn my aerobic exersize routines into a spiritual experience, which some may think extreme, but it helps me think of and center my life around God and His Son, Jesus.  I was inspired to do this because I had already turned my yoga  picfrom: stretches and poses into serene, peaceful, even spiritual times, also taking the time to meditate on spiritual things as I held each pose or stretch at times.. or when I was in ...  (And it helped strengthen my back so much after going six years not being able to do anything physically..) Though Yoganda was not raised in the Christian religion.. God still inspired him in creating yoga.. (God does not neglect His many children that do not have Christianity in their lives.. He can still be with them if they open their hearts to Him.. And thank God for that because the world would be overridden by satan if that were the case... Though they may only have portions of God's beliefs he can still be with them here and there and even often.. ) .. I and many Christians know that the body can be aided greatly through yoga and the wonderful thing is that at the same time you could be nurturing your spirit filling it with peace, and tranquility, plenty of life giving oxygen and filling your mind with thoughts peace, goodness, happiness, love and the Divine (God) .. Modern day stretches and exersize gyms fail to do that.... (**Note that Yoganda didn’t develop the radical, extreme yogas.. ) And God also inspired the creation of Tai Chi, especially outside in a nature setting.. It also took on a very spiritual side.. being slow and peaceful.. 

  Now my favorite form of exersize is any activity that I can do while being outside experiencing the most awesome, beautiful, incredible earth that God and His Son Created:  hiking a beautiful mountain trail is my favorite #1 form of exersize..  (My father took us to many beautiful state parks camping to do so.. This is such a precious gift that you can give yourself or your children!!) or  swimming, (My mom and dad were both awesome swimmers and made sure that we had family swim passes and yet enjoyed swimming in lakes also on hot summer days.. our favorite!)... I was also brought up rowing.. (Never tried kayaking but want to some (  day.. I prefer a canoe or even our family row boat being on a calm, peaceful lake surrounded by majestic mountains... and just enjoying a jog or walk or a horseback ride out in nature to see a sunrize or a sunset.. or the beautiful earth, and this all becomes a spiritual experience for me and I come closer to God.... 
     Being surrounded by God's creations is so amazingly uplifting and even healing during troubled times or health problems.. (and it is a wonderful bonding experience for you and your spouse or your children should you have them.. to grow closer.. but especially an opportunity to grow closer to God and to commune with him.. Refer to my song: God is Here on my Music4Jesus page.) 

   Now I struggle to feel good about these expensive gyms at times.. Almost anytime I have been inside one or tried them out I just end up having the feeling as God's spirit leaves me and cannot be with me.. You see too much immodesty in the first place.. In the second.. you have to leave home to use it.. and third, there                                    are many who spend to much time there.
   I will say that I am not totally against them and I feel that the best gym I every went to was curves for woman.. but even then .. If I had the funds to create my own gym it would be very different and have a very spiritual side to it ofcorse: Here are some ideas that my gym would have.. Inspiring spiritual scriptures and sayings here and there on the walls.. For instance: "Remember that your body is as a temple and that you should treat it as such..
Keep pure thoughts in your mind and take in only healthy things within your body."
"Keep your body physically fit.... all of these so as it will be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared at all times to have God's spirit dwell within your "temple" and guide you through this journey of life... " and many other related similar thoughts.. Email me if you have some..
I would have natural settings.. as out in nature within my gym.. Now you can do this all out in nature.. but for so many of us we have these long winters... So this is why it should be indoors.... I would have a simulated mountain settings with trees and painted lake scenery with birds and animals throughout the whole workout area and you would have steep trails that you climb up for about a story and then back down..and your goal is to do it over and over. or you could even climb two stories if it can be a taller facility.. and then you would hang on to a line and repel back down.. and it could also have a climbing wall area, but one that looks like a real cliff and not fake one.. and your goal is to do it over and over.. Then instead of the weight machines.. I would have an area with certain rocks or boulders that you work out with.. then I would have a jogging path that has trees and rocks and pretend animals along the path.. It would encircle the natures gym.. Then I would have a small lake that is only about two feet deep for exercizing only with canoes.. then I would have a swimming hole for lap swimming only... these would both be surrounded by fake trees and scenery..   Then I was thinking that there could be bars made of fake logs going over head for swinging from bar to bar.. then there could be a refreshment area with only healthy foods and water and 100% fruit drinks.. in an ocean/island type setting in a complete different area.. All of these areas would be filled with sounds of their natural habitats.. Such as the ocean and sea ferrying birds in the refreshment tropical room.. and sounds of the forest for the mountain and lake room..  Email me if you have any other ideas.. Oh.. I would have an Asia type room with a waterfall for the yoga and Tai Chi.. and have peaceful sayings on the walls of inner peace and God.. or more..  I know that all of these type of places exist outside.. and within some spas.. and hotel resorts.. but not quite like my idea.. and indoors.. Plus I would like it for ages 10 on up.. But children should be taught to use the facility in a respectful, peaceful and spiritual manner..  It is meant to be a place of spirituality, peace, inner joy, yet not as a "fun" amusement area..

Now when I do not get outside to exersize due to bad weather and long winters, (Which happens often here) I have created my own inhome arobic workout. (I like to spell exercise this way because it helps reduce or maintain your size!)  Here are some ideas that I do.. remembering that we don't have room for a gym:
First off ... there are many mornings that I do what I call my "bedersizes"  When I wake up in the morning (or even during the day if I am laying down watching T.V.) I will take a few minutes to exersize in bed... I like to lay to one side and do three or four sets of 10 leg raises... I rest a little between each set.. Then I lay on my back and do just one or two sets of 10 leg crisscrosses and even pelvic lifts.. resting a bit inbetween each set.. then I will take a minute also and bring my knees to my chin and bring my chin up and hug my legs to stretch out my back.. or I may even lay there and tighten my stomach (abbs) and bum (glutes) and hold it .. doing this isometric exersize.. which I actually do anywhere at anytime... (even while driving sometimes) Isometric exercizes are great.... Then I turn over to my opposite side that Ihave not yet exersized and I do another three or four sets of 10 again of the leg raises... This is a great way to make sure that U get some form of exersize a day and U can repeat it when U get back in the bed to go to sleep if wanted... I rest inbetween sets.. because I am kindof on the sleepy side.. but don't rest very long!! It is kind of the lazy man's (woman's ) way to exersize.. but it works..
  Then many times the next thing I will do continuing exercizing for 10 or 20 minutes more I proceed to
go back and forth doing mini laps in a straight line from one end of my living room to the end of my dining room which are right next to each other in adjoining rooms.. I decided to recite these words in my mind as I do 10 laps for five different sets of moving forward exersizes: Lunges, walking body twists, running, then walking, and going up and down my stairs (I usually do the stairs first. I like to end slowing down with my walking laps.. I do this all while flinging my arms one at a time over my shoulders while holding 3 or 5 lb weights, so I also get an upper body workout.  Here is what I repeat in my mind in rhythm with each step I make: repeating a sentence with each separate lap.. Some of the sentences I finish before I am done with the lap, depending: When I am running I have to rush through them without a beat.…  I usually have time to repeat the number then the sentence then end again with the number..

One: I believe in God and His Beloved Son..
Two:  I’ll follow Them in all I do.. 
Three:  Like them I’ll always strive to be..
Four: I’ll clothe the naked and feed the poor..
Five:  I’ll keep their memory alive..
Six:  I’ll ask forgiveness and wrong things fix.. 
(or I switch between the using the word  ask and give, as one needs to forgive others to ask forgiveness.)
Seven: I’ll pray often to my Father in Heaven…
Eight: I’ll spread Their love and Happiness create…
Nine:  I’ll leave satan and his worldly ways behind..   
(Or I’ll replace the word worldly with evil,  every other time.)
Ten: I’ll do their will again and again..
Or Ten: I’ll follow their promptings again and again..

I keep a set of five and eight pound weights by my chair in my bedroom and when I sit in it watching T.V. there are times I will do several different sets of upper body weight lifting exersizes as I sit....
     I also often do isometric exersizes along with breathing where ever I may be.. even in my van and even while waiting in line at the store and even while waiting for other people..  ... but at home  as I watch television (Which now, since my death experience.. and reprimands about watching to much T.V. and T.V. that God's spirit cannot be for much time.. as there are many times better ideas to use my time that God would want me about doing instead.. ) I will slowly breath in deeply the same time that I tighten my stomach or at times my whole abdomen and buttocks area.. Then I hold it until I can't breath anymore... then as I let out my breath slowly as I loosen all of that area.. Tightening your stomach is so important and strengthening your muscles around your belly and back.. My stomach has been so much tighter since doing this regularly.. Another thing I will do here and there as commercials come on is knee lifts to your elbows as your arms are behind your head.. or there are times I will follow along with yoga sessions that PBS will have playing on the T.V. (We only have an antenna and get regular viewing.. PBS is our favorite stations.. and the ones with the highest standards and we also like our religious stations.. LDS and Born Again Christian.. Sometimes they have other religions also.. We love religious viewing..

You could exercize to music with aroebics but.. you've really got to be careful what songs you choose  so Heavenly Father's spirit can be with you...
    Here is some wholesome music that I think is great for faster paced jogging or exersizing: 

     Now following these exersize routines I then totally slow down and do some yoga stretches or because My husband and I also love to do Tai Chi so sometimes I will do Tai Chi.  When it is warmer I love to go outside amongst the stars to do my yoga or Tai Chi. During the cold winter months inside I will put on this very slow heavenly like music or even slow spiritual music.. Instrumental only..  (My religion has many slow, reverent, heavenly songs.. Just something very soft, and slow.. So you can still have your mind clear for heavenly thoughts..  And be sure that you concentrate on your breathing.)
      Now following this I go into what I call my Yoga Prayer of Thanksgiving.. And it is kind of hard to describe but I will try. I rather do it the opposite of the breathing movements of Yoga. I want my whole body to be used in it. So I start by bending my knees somewhat to the ground and have my hands, palms together with fingers pointing straight up like I am praying, which I actually am. So I am squatting a little and ready to start: I begin taking in a deep breath and at the same time as I begin to raise up my hands in prayer form, I begin my silent prayer of thank yous and with each time I breath in and move my hands up ward then have my hands and arms separate and reach for heaven I during that upward movement will say one thing I am thankful for like: “Thankyou God for my caring husband.” or “Thankyou Dear God for each one of my children.” or “Thank you God for your beloved Son” Then next time I will say something like; “Thank you God for His redeeming grace.” or “Thank you Jesus for suffering for my sins” and usually after that one I add “And please my dear Savior, forgive me of my sins.” then continue on with my thank yous.    And so on and so on.. When I am totally reaching to the sky my palms should be facing upward away from me and then I begin slowly breathing out and as I do I slowly bring my arms down totally stretched out reaching out on each side of me. Then I return to the beginning position of squatting a little and having my hands joined in prayer form.  My eyes are open the whole time, especially while I outside so I can the beautiful stars or if inside I sometimes look at the picture that I have of the Savior, but still look towards that heavens as I direct my thoughts, my “thank yous”  to God above. Now, you will find that the joy and love of God come to you or sometimes you are humbled to tears. It is a wonderful experience & immediately following this I love to kneel on the ground, close my eyes and bow my head and begin my sincere prayer for the day. It is a most precious one on one time with my Heavenly Father. .....  One point of interest... we think of yoga as stemming from India but her is one Jew that believes that it stems from even Adams time... as he has discovered that many of the writings and scripts from ancient times that have representations of life statements.. correspond with many of the yoga poses... I have always felt as much of yoga has a spiritual connection and even in Indian yoga they teach this and I could see this connection as this Jewish man believes.. It is so much more heavenly and peaceful than the modern day gym, weightlifting or arobic workouts that can be so void of God and peace and that can be portrayed with such low standards.. I was sickened when I saw that Carol write was selling a nude yoga video.. Yoganda would be very sick about that and so would God.. and It is nothing but outright pornography.
    There are so many yoga instructors that are not as good or I don't agree with their standards or maybe its their music or maybe its too weird or they fail to use the name of the pose or they fail to slow down the position holds so bear with me til I enter the one Youtube one I like the most... My favorite Yoga instructor is Deni Preston but you have to buy her total body work out videos so I don't agree with that.. I will strive to find a great one on Youtube.. Just be patient... Here is this interesting Jewish fellows ideas..  (Add a yoga link and also the one on yoga for the brain

   ///Share spiritual ideas and accounts that help nourish ur spirit & soul..  account of feeling alone and with no friends...  Share song His perfect, unconditional love.... Our Heavenly Father and Jesus are always there for us... Chemicals and Stress can cause many health problems and it can mess up our hormones.. especially our Thyroid that is so important for so many aspects of our bodily and mental health... I want to at this time recommend a great natural product for assisting in the health and hormonal balance of your stressed thyroid..  which by the way can be the culprit to much depression, brain fog, low energy and poor metabolism.. which leads to excess weight gain also. Read this page, but also scroll down and review the video of this doctor..    .

   After trying the thyroid supplements for about a month.. if you still feel as you would like to try something natural for brain power of help with your mood.. try out these natural BrainSmart products found on this web:

If you are already on anti depressants or other prescription drugs.. you need to find a doctor that will help you to get off prescriptions and onto more natural products with less side effects.. but you still have to be aware of interactions.. and not going off of prescriptions cold turkey which can be dangerous .. I have a friend that is sadly on 12 prescription drugs.. I asked her to write down all of the side effects.. and sadly I feel that this may be why she seems in such poor health and even dying.. as she was not doing as bad before she started on one drug after another.. I challenge you to take the time to write down on a paper a total list of damaging side effects of these drugs.. Kidney and liver damage is manytimes one of them.. heart also.. and at times they will even say that they can lead to death..

**Giving, Uplifting & helping others will help urself as U serve God's children and think of others that are less fortunate than you.... .. Volunteering.. phone calling.. letters for prisoners.. quilts for third world countries.. sharing garden produce with others.. joining clubs or creative organizations.. Becoming a foster parent.. (add more)

O.K. This photo is out of Context for a religious sight.. but yet I do have a sense of humor and hope that it will bring a few chuckles though.. Though in reality someone being overweight should never be something to laugh about.. but instead we should feel sorry for that person, pray for ways to help and uplift that person, and never degrade or make fun of anyone that is overweight.. (*I didn't want to use my own photo of when I was overweight or when others were overweight.. and this was the only free photo I could find having to do with being overweight at the time that I felt good about sharing.. Forgive me if it is offensive.. )  I want it to truly remind us that America has a weight problem and most of the weight problem stems from moms and dads bringing up their children (and themselves) thinking nothing of eating junky and unhealthy food or drinks and lots of it..  .... and of many times promoting a sedimentary lifestyle for their children.. but yet I won't put the total blame on parents... as there can be many, many things involved that can cause weight gain even when parents are more aware and strive to bring a healthy diet into their  children's life..
There may also be their friends and or schoolmates that encourage eating unhealthy... or there may be doctors medications that can many times cause weightgain (Birth control and Anti-depressants many times bring on weightgain at a time when weightgain can cause more depression.. .... or it may be a thyroid or hormonal imbalance.. ( Actually our thyroid glands do have to do with our hormones..) or can even stem from an emotional problem.. 
    I want to remind you that about half of America is overweight.. and I want to remind you that if a person is overweight it should never takeaway from the fact that they are still divine daughters and sons of a Heavenly Father that loves them dearly.. and to remind you that most of these dear brothers and sisters are very special people with much goodness in them.. All of my friends that are overweight have these awesome personalities that I have loved and enjoyed.. (Hopefully others thought of me in the same light when I was overweight..) I am so thankful that they are on the earth.. and have so many times made the earth a better place.. and even if there are ones that seem to have not done that.. I feel that somewhere there has been good in them.. and I feel that if they haven't maybe a deep hurt is within them and or a past where they could have been hurt very badly in some way or another.. We do know of eating problems that stem from problems of the past... Although I still disagree at times when they say this as there are times.. if something tastes yummy.... our natural desire is to eat it.. and that can be a basic concept..
   There are many reasons why people can overeat... and gain weight.. and I hope to cover some of these.. yet realize that there are professionals that you can also turn to for certain problems concerning loosing weight.. The internet is a wonderful aid for someone that is struggling with their weight..
   I remember how bad I started to feel when I gained over 50 lbs.. I started to have a sick feeling .. I started to sit around alot more.. I started to give up loosing and eat even more.. I started to not be as active and to not get out and do as much.. I started to have to buy new clothes and I started to feel badly about my body and the way it looked and I started to have a harder time getting up stairs and doing physical things.. I was so so blessed to loose this weight.. now I am about 20 lbs overweight .. I do eat healthy most of the time but I can gain weight so quickly when I go on binges here and there.. like at times I crave my feel good memory sugar wafer cookies that reminds me of the fun times I spent everytime I visited my dear gram.. and I find that if I don't make the effort to eat them when others are around to share with that I can down the whole package in one setting.. so I never buy them anymore unless I know that several people can help me eat them.. actually you would be proud of me that for the last two years now I look at them... want them... but say to myself .. I can make a sweet berry shake instead when I get home.. and I walk right by them.. (That used to not be the case.. I've made considerable progression.) 

U may not agree with me ... but.. I feel that not eating healthy is just one more great and wonderful tool that satan has used to keep the children of God from their divine potential... and to have them die early..  There again I would refer to the scripture that lets you know that your body should be as a temple where the spirit of God can dwell with you and that there are many ways to defile your body... not just through sexual transgressions...
    One of my favorite reality shows to keep up with here and there has been biggest looser... although we many times don't watch much of the middle because their can be so much foul language and yelling and degrading, or negative and even forceful junk going on.. So we will just watch the more uplifting bits.. and U can learn so much from it and it is so wonderful how by the time it is all over ... how transformed their lives are even if all they end up loosing is 50 lbs... But usually it is way more than that.. I think the person that lost the most has been about 230 something now... Very incredible and inspiring...  and it is incredible what the human body is capable of even when it is very obese... People that are three hundred pounds more than me can seem to do things I am not up to.. I do love how good they are at promoting them to change their eating habits and how it shows how they used to just stuff themselves with one junkfood after another and by the time the show ends they have totally accepted eating healthier and eating a healthy breakfast.. and practicing self control and realizing for many that their overeating can also stem from emotional problems or terrible things that happened in their past... I think that it would really benefit someone to watch shows like Biggest Looser or Extreme Biggest Looser regularly so they can be educated on healthy changes that they need to make in their life .. and to realize that if this 500 lb. person can do it .. so can I ... Infact one started out about 700 then he lost three hundred and they put him on biggest looser and he lost about another 200 pounds and even more following the show.. (Although Extreme Biggest Looser deals with the reality that these people at one point should also have operation to remove the excess skin that is related with many of those that loose large amounts of weight and that their skin has been stretched and it won't be going back... (On some it does)   I really prefer to watch the Extreme Biggest Looser because that guy is so much nicer and mature with the way he motivates the person that he is working with... and he degrade so much or doesn't swear every sentence like Jillian or other trainers feel they have to.
      Now I just wish that I could create my own Biggest Looser but with a more Christcentered approach...(** I did watch one show one time that their name had to do with a total transformation... not just weightloss.. but I can't remember what it is called... Please tell me if U know... It had alot higher standards and such less yelling.. degrading and swearing..)

Now I have not had to loose very much in my life, but after having my first baby and after eating out breakfast, Lunch and dinner for five months when we first lived in Italy and had to live in a hotel for five months before we could move into our home...  I became about 50 pounds overweight.. so I finally realized that I was going to continue gaining weight if I didn't make an effort to change.. So I enrolled with an exercize class on base and I started to have a goal of eating more salads and smaller portions and only one small desert instead of two.... that I often thought nothing of having two or three deserts.. instead of one.. and I just had to change and after about eight months.. I managed to loose it all and I felt so much better .... and felt so much better about myself.. actually for the first time in my life I was at my ideal weight.. for my 5'2" height... 115.. for me it was ideal.. and for about a few years I was able to keep it off until I ended up being bedridden three and ahalf years out of six with my bad back... Then I started to gain weight again.. especially after we moved to England and then I once more gained about thirty more pounds and was 40 lbs overweight.. I just love the fat foods of the different countries... and England's food could be very fattening!!!

I'll be adding alot more on this subject....  (Refer to Dr. Amen's CD's to weightloss & a happier lifestyle..:

**This section will discuss in more detail the many things that the world would like you to think are good for you but are really mostly bad for you and why... When much of the world may say that they are good for you to a degree they may but then the bad side effects usually far out weigh the good..(add more)..

Most of us have the sense to know that smoking is not good for you and  can bring much suffering and even death to most individuals ( and others) .. who continue on with it...
 I always tell people to be smart and never start... when I see goodlooking girls smoking .. sometimes I'll say... whats a goodlook'n girl like you doing smoking such an ugly cigarette...   Then I will give them these youtube sites and the quit number..  (electronic cigarettes that have stop smoking portions are good if you can never seem to quit cold turkey.. though the addictive nicotine is still present.. (and can cause cancer..) The smoke is only vapor and is no longer leaving tar in ur lungs or harming anyone around U... )
      One most terrible, destroying habits is smoking.. either tobacco (or especially marijuana.). I will first start with tobacco... (but much of smoking marijuana has very similar problems and in some cases even worse problems...) People will tell you that smoking cigarettes or marijuana is so good for you to relax.... or to loose weight... or to look cool... BUT... though to a degree this may be true... The deterioration of your mind and body far outweigh being able to have help with anyof these things..
       The relaxation only helps when the high of the cigarette and marijuana are with you.. The truth is, is that though cigarettes and marijuana may give you a temporary relaxation.. from the time you begin your life with these two drugs.. they will deteriorate your nervous system.. and it works as a drug where your body depends on and craves higher and higher doses to keep up the "good feeling" level ... and more and more you will have the smoking nervous jitters.. especially when you don't have your fix.. you will seem more and more hyper and overwhelmed by not having your fix (cig or marijuana)...

    This article also left out that you will very easily... many times within the first time.. become a slave to the addictive nicotine.. It leaves out limiting your friends because you will find that many will have a hard time being around you and that some even will have asthma attacks or breathing problems when they are around you smoking or even the smell of your clothing..
    It is so sad that many parents don't take into consideration how their child has to go to school smelling like smoke because of them at times and it is just unfair to the child.. yet you need to tell your child to still be respectful and understanding to children that are in that situation and strive to not make them feel badly .. especially when they can't help it..  or if you are good enough friends with them maybe you can somehow encourage their smoking parent to smoke outside so their child doesn't have to go around smelling like cigarettes..  With any smoker you have to have the maturity to come over in a Christlike manner.. I usually also will give them ideas to help them quit it I ask them my questions below..
   *They do mention that Chances are high that U can die from it and that and that it is very expensive and they do mention something very important!!! You are being such a bad example to everyone around you.. but especially young kids and teens.. and they do mention how stinky you will be .. especially your breath.. I would never want to kiss a smoker.. Now that type of breath is not appealing at all... 

      Add why its so unhealthy to use as a means of loosing weight.. (and that there are many that it helps them to gain weight.. )

Then add why it isn't cool to smoke.. 

And here is even more new evidence why you should quit:

And here is a Catholic web about the consequences of smoking:

   Here is an article on 12 reasons why not to smoke or to quit smoking.. Before you even proceed with this article.. note that one year in America over 400,000 people died in relation to smoking..
Here are 12 more great reasons to quit:  and I can add many more:
13-I will add that: It is a bad example to ur children or others...
14-It will hamper what you do and at times concentration when U don't get ur "fix"..
15-U become a slave to ur cigarette.. It begins to control your life...
16-U throw away tons of money..
17-It can limit having some great friends... as many don't like the smell of cigarettes and that it can even bring some to have asthma attacks or problems with breathing... My poor husband can't even be around someones clothes having smoke smell or he goes into an asthma attack..
18-U will feel that U can't go camping or leave home without taking ur cigarettes with U...
19-U will be out of breath to complete things that require physical exercise... and many physical activities..   If not right at the beginning.. Soon after U will start to realize it more and more..
20-Ur lungs are filling up with tar & different carcinogens..
21- Smoking kills high number of it's' victims and
22-leads to many health problems... even high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems.. of corse lung problems even impotence..& tons more
23- It robs ur body of precious oxygen.. It deteriorates ur nervous system also...
24-It turns ur body into an acidic deteriorating lifethreatning ph level...
And I could go on and on but I will stop here... but there is more.... and U know it..
   and all of the above can be applied to alcohol and marijuana and other drugs also..     
    Be smart and never start!!!

Now I would like to talk to you about the bad effects of caffeine when so many are striving to tell you that it is a good thing for you.. (especially those who are making alot of money off of it and that can be one of the first reasons for you to quit.. you can save alot of money by quitting your caffeine addiction.)
     Now they companies or individuals that tell you that caffeine related products are good for you because of increased memory or energy or antioxidants... but like with most doctor prescriptions.. there is a bad and down side to caffeine related products and it can be this:
     1- It is not healthy for your heart... It can bring on hyper-tension.. high blood pressure.. and with high doses as with some energy drinks has even brought on major heart episodes and even cardiac arrest..  I heard it on the news.. from a nurse that worked in the ER ... from my Chiropractor.. from even a football coach that had times where their player was near heart attack mode and they realized that it was from a caffeine high..
     One time I had a friend that worked in the emergency room.. and he said that they have been having an increase of persons that come in for heart problems and even heart attacks and more and more they began to realize that some of them were related to caffeine highs from these energy drinks so they now have to remember to ask the person if they have been drinking caffeine drinks... and that this may determine how they handle the situation also..
    2- It is not healthy for your nervous system:  In my antique display cabinet I have a small teacup that looks normal from the outside.. but inside the bottom of the cup comes to half way down the cup.. thus making your portion of drink half of the normal teacup.. I was told by my grandmother that her grandmother became so jittery even starting in her mid life that the doctors told her that she must cut back on her coffee and tea.. and so she alotted herself the lesser portions.. (Sadly, as with any addictions, it can be most difficult and even painful to quit caffeine..The best advice is to never start.. but so sadly much of the world has passed this habit down from generation to generation.. and at least Coke no longer has real cocaine in it as it used to add to the withdrawal symptoms and you will feel worse before you start feeling better as you strive to quit the caffeine addiction....)
    4-It deteriorates your stomach lining and can cause acid reflux.. (In elementary school my sons friend had cows and for a science project they took three stomachs and put them in very large glass containers.. and with one they filled up with water only ... another.. regular pop only and another coke  and after a two week period it was unreal the deterioration of the one that had the coke in it.. The one with regular carbonated pop also had accelerated deterioration but nothing to equal the coke one... and that is just a mild caffeine drink... I wonder what coffee, Mountain Dew or Red Bull or some of the extreme caffeine drinks would do...)
    3-It is not healthy for you liver.. Your liver ends up spending to much time concentrating on filtering the coffee.. tea or caffeine drinks and it ends up being compromised not being able to put more time towards filtering out toxins in your body..
    4-It is not healthy for your kidneys.. and because it is a diuretic and can cause your body to majorly become dehydrated.. even at dangerous levels.. in hot weather or in major sports or activities or labor where you are sweating at high levels..
    5-It is an addictive drug... It is just one more of those substances and drugs that your body and mind become addictive to and then your body screams to you that you can't survive without it and you just can't function without it so you can be even in desperate situations to have your caffeine fix... and many start feeling as they cannot function without their caffeine.. so you become a slave to this addictive drug..
    6-Caffeine can cause major anxiety..
If you know of someone that is suffering from anxiety attacks .. first ask them if they are caffeine drinkers... and then tell them to go at least six months without caffeine and see if those attacks or even mild boughts of anxiety.. decrease.. and after a year they may even disappear.. This is a question that even the mental profession should address.. although I do realize that anxiety can obviously come from other sources..
    7-It can cause major boughts of hyperactivity and nervousness.. have you noticed that some people taking these high caffeine energy drinks.. even Mountain Dew.. or large amounts of coffee can seem so nervous and even hyper.. I've seen it several times.. and My daughter when she had her first caffeine drink as a teenager started to literally shake shortly after having her first drink (and she drank the whole can) We have never purchased caffeine drinks and avoid them like the plague.. if only parents realized what a terrible thing they are doing as sometimes even at very young age they start allowing and think nothing of their children drinking these caffeine drinks.. (Or with my kids they had friends that talked them into drinking them when they were tired and low of energy.. or they found times where it was the only drink that other friends parents had available to them when they were thirsty on outings.. This was very irresponsible on the parents part!!!)
8-It is also linked to diabetes and hypoglycemia a precursor to diabetes.. (Not to leave out that the sugar content in all of these drinks is not healthy for blood sugar levels..)
    9-It also is linked to bone loss and poor and stained teeth.. (The carbonation is also linked to this)
    10-and of course it leads to poor sleep.. and disrupted sleep.. and even bad dreams.
    11-It can be attributed to weight gain or keeping you from loosing weight..
    12- It can take over your intestinal ability to eliminate waste on its own..
I heard one person say that they couldn't go poo without it.. Now that is pretty sad but I have since heard that from a couple of people ...
   13-It decreases libido and sexual performance... (O.K. did this one finally talk you into quitting? the same for alcohol and smoking..)
    14-15-16- I am forgetting about the energy crashes, mind fog and headaches that occur when you don't have your caffeine fix..  After years of suffering from headaches my mother in law finally quit her coffee and caffeine drinks and within a couple of months the headaches that she suffered with for years left her and she then realized that they were caffeine related.... (Stay away from Excedrin and other pain killers that are based around caffeine and that cause rebound headaches.. )
ou've got to remember that as with any addiction you end up wanting larger and larger amounts and closer together  and thus some people end up working their way up to always needing that cup of coffee.. tea.. or caffeine soda drink right by their side all day..   and they can't function without it.. When this happens all of the above is amplified 10 fold... Plus think how much money you are wasting away to poor health and death.. when the monies could be going to wonderful charities:  I like how the  Christian Children's Fund commercial shows you the sweet pictures of these poor children in terrible circumstances and then it tells you something like: For what you spend on a cup of coffee (or anyother caffeine drink) a day you could keep a child like this alive and well..  

   **I am happy to say that Major reports have been coming out as to how harmful it is.. many of them are specifying how harmful that it is for children and teens but they fail to say that it is also harmful for adults ofcourse..
    I was very happy to see that 20/20 put out a major special concerning the bad effects of caffeine drinks on children or teens is what they were mostly targeting..

ABC News reported on it.. *

Here is a website with help on quitting caffeine:

Watch first: Just a few facts about alcohol... (Warning .. there is one pic on a scantily clad drunk women.... Many times ur standards are compromised when U drink and at times U may even end up having sex with someone (getting pregnant even) or be raped by someone..  or take off ur clothes and do stupid dances or other things.. U may fall and hurt urself.. Throw up all night.. Say and do things U man majorly regret.. or become angry.. violent or even kill someone.. with a gun or ur car.. or U could even break into someones home or store just for a beer.. Drinking can make many people do stupid things.... Then U can have times that U will not even remember any of these things happened.. U loose self control.. and do things U may regret for the rest of ur life..
 ** The more and more my life goes by the more and more I hear story after story and see deteriorated lives because of alcohol and I just feel as it was very inspired of God when the prophet Joseph Smith was sent the revelation of the Word of Wisdom to keep from tobacco, hot drinks (which were coffee, tea and chocolate at the time) and alcohol, which I feel you should avoid like the plague even though others may promote it as being "Healthy" for you!!! The negative short and long term effects far outweigh the positive.. Especially when I saw Catholic priests drunk on the ground in Italy with a bottle of wine in their hand and then in Norway.. I saw the alcoholic, homeless sailor begging for his money with a bottle of vodka by his side.. (We gave him a sandwhich..).. In Germany we saw many alcoholics.. and they were present in England also and I was reading an article on the terrible effects that alcohol is having on it's nation and they said that one year it was attributed to 10,000 deaths!.. So sad!!.. In a Scottish news article it spoke of the problems of drinking that it's nation was having and stated how they are going to commence a rally to cut back on drinking.. My brother who lived in Ireland for a couple years told me of the is high level of drinking problems they had there.. even worse than Scotland... Many areas throughout the world has major problems with alcohol... even our American Indians (One of which sadly barged into a shop we were in one day .. very very drunk and he even knocked down and broke something.. and I spoke to the shop keeper how instead of calling the police that we should take him to the cities free alcohol rehabilitation center and so we did.. Too many are in prison for alcohol when our money needs to go towards their rehabilitation instead of prison.. Unless a grievious crime is performed of course.).. Even  so many American cities I've been to I have many time seen alcoholics here and there and it is just so so sad .. .. I've seen the ugliness that comes with being drunk on the news.. on T.V. documentaries.. in real lives on streets and in the tabloids and the news with many a celebrity, movie or rock star and those partying at rock concerts and even with the drinking that takes place at sports events that have been publisized have to enter rehab.. .. I have even seen a pastor marry the groom and bride sharing wonderful, uplifting and spiritual comments.. then later that night he gets so drunk that he is sexually dancing with a couple of woman who are dressed immodestly .. and he has no control of his words and actions.... I have seen a homeless alcoholic walk around Farmers Market with a stick with a string dangling an empty beer bottle with a note hanging from it.. "I need my beer.. please donate.. " and sadly a bunch of money was sticking out of it.. Some may chuckle, but it is just so sad.. to me.. and I gave him a card of Jesus and on the back it has help from our church.. (Our religion also has a wonderful similar AAA program that is very religious centered..
   Satan can so easily take over when alcohol takes away your freedom to think and respond in a Christlike way..  Alcohol is so many times a deteriorating, destructive, degrading plague that has destroyed even millions throughout history in one way or another.. It has also destroyed many families.. and if you struggle with alcoholism... it is almost guaranteed that your children will also if they decide to drink.. and even your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be at higher risk.. and if you start drinking at a young age.. then your chances for addiction are ten fold.. (This is part of Russia's problems as many start drinking at very young ages.. )  .. 
     I've been to about 30 states and a dozen different countries of the world and every place I go I have seen my fair share of alcoholics or drunk people, throughout my life.. It is just so sad.. even so sadly my husband's own father .. Finally at 44 he was able to quit as he lay near death due to liver deterioration.. and a new wonderful man emerged as he "dried up" and turned his heart and mind over to God.. ...
   Alcohol deteriorates your liver, nervous system, brain and heart.. Even in when taken in smaller portions... Regular dark grape juice is so much healthier than wine.. and if it is pain relief or relief from mental stress or problems you are drinking for... In the scriptures there are times when it comes down on strong drinks and over drinking and even gives the example of not choosing to drink at all with the example of Daniel and his friends as they chose to abstain from alcohol and meats to improve their mental health and bodily strength over the other men who were not refraining..  Many friends that have come back to religion and Christ told me that they were not able to overcome alcoholism until they truly turned to Christ.. and some couldn't quit until they received special blessings..
    One missionary said that while serving in the poverty stricken Barrios of Brazil an alcoholic woman with very poor health stumbled up to him and fell at his feet and she begged of him to help her overcome her alcoholism.. and at first he was dumbfounded and thought.. "How can I help her.. I am not an expert on rehabilitation.." but then the spirit of God powerfully told him to make her a promise... and here was the promise.. He gave her the scriptures and he told her: "I promise you that if you will read these scriptures morning, noon and night and when ever you begin to get the urge to drink you will be able to stop your drinking.." and they left.. and they didn't see the woman around for a whole month.. but then one day a ten year old boy came running up to them so happy and excited.. and he said something like: "Do you remember my mother that came to you about her drinking problem.. " and they said they remembered and then he said; "For the past month I have been reading the scriptures with my mother like you said and for the first time in her life she was able to stop drinking and she hasn't drank since you told her to read the scriptures.. Please come and see her... She wants to see you... "   and they taught them the gospel and soon after they were baptized..

(*Enter in  webs and  Title of book to overcome alcoholism..)

***Plus think how much money you are wasting away with these bad habits.. I knew family that had her husband and her putting out around $400 to $600 a month to support her and her husband and her older teen's addiction to coffee, smoking and alcohol (and they would buy more expensive liquors.. and their other four children had constant caffeine addictions.. ).. all of these monies could be going towards better things or helping charities like:

*  * I am so thankful for the Word or Wisdom in my religion where we feel that the Lord told the prophet Joseph Smith to stay away from tobacco.. alcohol and hot drinks which at that time were linked to caffeine and other harmful things.. Even chocolate was a popular hot drink at that time.. and I feel that chocolate is also one of those things that has health benefits and yet has these bad side effects for healthy hot drinks were being consumed at this time excepting herbal drinks or health teas, called teas because of the way they are processed.. He was told that certain herbs are to be used for healing so they were alright to have processed in a tea form of boiling into the water..)       
*Be so prayerful about quiting unecessary addictions and using that money for the better and especially to help others and God will help you to quit and He will help to guide you in the use of your monies.. (Which He by the way has blessed you with... **Just a thought: *Unless you are getting your monies through means that satan supports..)

(I'll keep adding more later)

The above addictions are many times catalysts to move into drug abuse:
    Here is a real easy beginning to drug abuse that is now sweeping across America at a horrific scale and it has already proven to bring many down.. It is the use of marijuana.. I have seen marajuana deteriorate the health and the lives of several close people around me.. including my oldest son at times.. I have seen him act so weirdly and even stupid.. when he is on a high and then act so mean when he is down from his high and mentally craving another fix.. (He has since then quit.. and has been doing much better that the years before ..  but sadly he still has drinking issues here and there.. He is such a great son and has had a most awesome girlfriend also these days.. and an awesome job that he doesn't want to take a chance of loosing.. ) 
   and I will not leave out mentioning all of the money that he has wasted on marijuana..
cigarettes were an easy catalyst for him ( or anyone) to move into using marijuana.. Another person in my life that used marijuana.. is a close neighbor.. He was about 40 and had taken marijuana for years.. he was so sadly very brain impaired and he was one to smoke frequently and so many times he would be acting weirdly or stupidly and just not with it.. and he was just so mentally impaired that all the neighbors could tell that his marijuana use was taking a toll on his brain..
  I also had a boss in Vegas that was so very prosperous in his Men's Suit bussiness.. (I was one of his tailors..) and after about four months of being there my fellow tailor and I started to notice that we would catch him smoking marijuana more and more and more and more we saw his awesome personality.. just dwindle.. and his bussiness dropped right along with his mind.. Then there were times that he would smell so putrid from the marijuana smoke and even his bussiness and it was just a sick smell and we litterally saw people come in the door and some just turned right back out the door as we knew they were smellling the marijuana and we even knew that the smell was getting into some of the suits... and within about a six month period his prosperous shop went downhill so fast that he had to close it.. We could not believe the difference from when we first started there in him and in his rapid decline of bussiness.. (He had the shop about a year before we were employed there..
    And I could tell U of more close associations but I won't .. (one was even a friend in High School..)
 and I am also leaving out how terrible marijuana smells and makes you smell.. much worse than regular cigarettes..
     (I will be adding alot more about marijuana in the future.. It is definitely one of those things that so many will give you all of these reasons why it is so good for you... I will be able to tell you why yet it may be good for certain things... the bad far outways the good.. )
(Share my first experience going to what I thought was going to be a wholesome "birthday Party" and it ended up that everyone was doing some sort of drugs or another and also heavily drinking.. and I'll finish this story later..)

**I also have tons of websites to share with you.. giving specifics and scientific research on the drug.. the good and the bad.. but you will soon find out that because of the bad.. It is not something you should be taking. And I just know that God would not want you taking it.. but then God would not want you to be taking certain prescription drugs either..
    Here is the first website that I want to share with you ... this one is an article from the world renowned brain specialist Dr. Amen concerning how it has been said that marijuana is good for you.. and he even addresses the pill form that is becoming more popular:  and... this man has thousands of brain scans to prove it is bad for your brain and body, in any form:

Share info about other drugs..

People who have changed their lives and gotten off of drugs:

(I'll share more later)

Even discuss prescription drug abuse and share websites..

    *Here I will introduce you to my favorite P.B.S. physician and major brain specialist: Dr. Amen.. I just finished watching his PBS special: The Amen Solution... He and his clinics have done thousands of brain scans and imaging.. and he has came to the conclusion that processed sugars and wheat.. even wheat gluten for some people .. and caffeine.. Alcohol.. Cigarettes.. (and yes marijuana. Many street drugs and prescription drugs are harmful for your brain and your body)  and junk food.. All supporting many of the things that I have shared above.. He will tell you over and over that when you maintain a healthy weight along with healthy Vegan eating.. (I find many heart, cancer and brain surgeons that all come to the conclusion of being Vegan as being the healthiest diet.. ) and that  healthy active lifestyle filled with someform of exersize is critical.. .. It will not only your body to control fat production but even more important it will promote a healthy brain.. Many things that our religion has believed in since the beginning..  
    You can pull him up on Youtube.. but here is a couple of websites.. and I would definitely promote purchasing his 2CD set : The Amen Solution ...  Also pull up and review his youtube posts..


***(Expound more on Health Codes of Religions of the World): LDS word of Wisdom & health code.... Seventh Day Adventist ..   Jewish eating Kosher or for religious reasons such as for passover.. Vegitarians in the  Buddist religion.. Muslim Health Code.. Not being ableto eat meat following my death experience... Rodgers dream...  Muslim health code.. (Add more)

In this paragraph I would like to speak of Choices and Consequences... Here are words to a fun song that I wrote for our youth of our religion in hopes to teach them values.. and desires to make healthy choices and spiritual choices:

Choices and Consequences...   (lyrics&music by NolaMae...)
         Chorus:  Choi-ces ..(Hold out while Second singer sings) Good or bad..  Choi-ces … Can make us ha-ppy or sad.. God  gave  us  free- dom.. To make  choi-ces..
      Choi-ces  In   all things  But we have to live with what the con-se -quence  brings…….  We all have   choi-ces….
              Vs. 1: Now we can choose…. To  sit  a-round   a-  lot….Hard-ly e-ver mo-vin’ from the ve- ry same  spot…  Watch a bunch a T. V. eat-ing junk   all   day…Ne-ver go-ing out  to  help some-one  or play….
                But   con-se-quen-ces are    we’ll    get  real  fat…  Con-se-quen-ces are     we  won’t  like  that…
            Con-se-quen-ces are  we’ll  be  un -ha-ppy…(Solo 2) Con-se-quen-ces are  we’ll  feel  real  cra-ppy…..
                 So don’t  do  that…  And you’ll  be  ha-ppy…. 

Choi-ces..  Good or bad..  Choi-ces… can make us ha-ppy or sad.. God gave us free-dom to make choi-ces…
Vs. 2: Now we can choose….   To think bad thoughts… to get real an-gry or yell a-lot…
 To say mean things and cuss and curse…  but con-se-quen-ces are we’ll make things worse….
  Oh.. Con-se-quen-ces are we’ll be un ha-ppy….  Con-se-quen-ces are… we’ll feel real cra-ppy….
So don’t do that ….. And you’ll be ha-ppy……

 Chorus: Choi-ces…in all things…but we have to live with what the con-se-quence brings..We all have choi-ces                              
Vs. 4: Now we can choose to drink when we are young but chances are an al-co-ho-lic we’ll be-com.... Con-se-quen-ces are we’ll have a hard life..could e-ven end up home-less, or su-ffer-ing great strife…
 Con-se-quen-ces arewe’ll be un-ha-ppy… Con-se-quen-ces are we’ll feel real cra-ppy….
 So don‘t choose that…. And you’ll be ha-ppy….

Chorus: Choi-ces, in all things…
but we have to live with what the con-se-quen-se brings. We all have choi-ces……
Vs. 5:  Now we can choose.. To try a drug or two… to smoke or ma-ri-Juana like ma-ny do….
  But con-se-quen-ces are we’ll be-come a slave…. To our a-ddic-tion.. And stu-pid-ly be-have…            
 Side speaker or singer:  Plus it’s rea-lly stin-ky… and our brains turn rin-ky din-ky….
And con-se-quen-ces are we’ll act real kin-ky….
 Oh…Con-se-quen-ces are we’ll be un-ha-ppy..  When you don’t have your fix you’ll feel real cra-ppy .... So be smart and ne-ver start …….. and you‘ll be ha-ppy..

Chorus:  Choices… Good or bad... Choices…  Ha-ppy or sad……
 God gave us choices…
Vs. 6: Now we can choose…. To have bad friends… or join a crip-tic gang…. But in the end… Con-se-quen-ces are …. They’ll bring us in-to trou-ble…ruin all our dreams and burst our ha-ppy bu-bble..
Or drop out of school… teach us to re-bell… lead us in-to pri-son or sad-ly down to hell…..
Oh.. Con-se-quen-ses are…. We’ll be un-ha-ppy… Con-se-quen-ces are we’ll feel real cra-ppy…
So choose good friends… and you’ll be ha-ppy….

   Vs. 7: Now as you know… I could go on and on…. And sing ya all a ve-ry, ve-ry, ve-ry long song…
Cuzz there’s lots of choi-ces good or bad…. Lots of con-se-quen-ces… ve-ry ha-ppy or sad…
I just hope you’d learn from o-thers and Je-sus… and choose a life that’s ha-ppy and one that frees us..
So you don’t be-come a slave..or stu-pid-ly be-have.. Yes! let’s be smart… And let’s start… To be ha-ppy…
Yes.. Let’s choose ha-ppy….. God wants us to be happy..                                                                       

God gave us freedom of choice and when we make a choice he many times works through natural consequences... and good choices most times equal blessings and bad choices many time bring cursings upon us...
1 Corinthians 3: 
17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy (Through natural means or through others or through the physical or mental deterioration of defiling your body or all of which you can end up turning your life over to satan where God's spirit cannot be always with you. It's like we can destroy ourselves through not following God's commandments. God many times allows natural consequences of our bad choices to take place.. although there are times he steps in and we know that if we turn our hearts to Him and Jesus they can help us out of the dilema.. (even though we may still have to suffer from the effects of the natural consequences.. .. )  for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.  and in 1Corinthians 6:19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are                                                             not your own?
    We know that when we make wrong choices that usually we have to suffer the consequences of that bad  choice... and if we continue in sin surely you can see that how easily we can lead our body to either slowly or quickly be destroyed... Thus can be the case of taking in harmful substances into our body we can be quickened to deteriorate or destroy our body... or even by eating unhealthy... we can be lead to obesity that begins to bring on so many debilitating health problems such as diabetes and having a harder time to move our body that requires a certain amount of daily physical activity or exercize.. and when we choose to break the law of chastity.. we can bring on a myriad of troubles.. some of which can lead to death with some of the STD's that are prevalent today.... or if we choose not to fully repent of our transgression of sexual sin .. it can lead to a myriad of related troubles even mental.. .. Not treating your body as a holy temple and choosing to not be modest in dress can lead to a myriad of troubles.. mostly others looking upon you with lustful, sexual desires which can lead with having the wrong kind of persons in your life or them not thinking of you as a divine daughter of God.. thinking of you as being easy to take to bed and have sex with or so sadly even leading to rape or even so sadly some end up being raped and murdered.. We know that it can be true.. modesty is extremely important.. and something that if not kept you will have to account to God for luring the minds of men off into sexual lusts..

I want U to remember that no matter your wrong choices or sins..The Savior's mercy and redeeming Grace can be there for you...  If ur heart truly strives to turn back to the Savior and ask forgiveness..  and to be striving to change ur life with His help and make recompense to others where possible... or kind words.. deeds and actions where possible to show that person or the Savior and His Father (our Father) in Heaven.. that you are so extreemly sorry from the bottom of ur heart.. Then our Savior can be there with His mercy and redeeming powers.. His love... His peace of mind... His joy...... His understanding.. His inspiration and guidance... His everything.. It is all real.. the atonement is real.. He is real... Don't throw such a gift in the garbage and toss it out of your life as if it were trash when it is such a treasure that should be cherished...
The man in this video may come over to loud or even irreverent to some... but there are others that need this message given in his most powerful manner...  Too many may think that it is too late for them when it is not...  He is trying to come over as the scripture in Hebrew 4:16 admonishes us to.. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace.. that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

(This is my FB comment that I left with this video..) Amen!... I agree... With God all things are possible... It is true.. Jesus suffered for our sins... I know... Don't make His suffering in vain.. use the most awesome gift He gave of the atonement.. Everyone of us imperfect souls are in need of daily repentance.. It is real.. Don't toss it out of your lives and treat it or Him as if it were garbage... I can promise that when you do.. More and more you will notice an evil presence and thoughts and actions taking over ur life.. The atonement is a precious gift and treasure to be sought after with all of your heart and mind.. til U turn back to our Savior.. and from ur deepest heart ask forgiveness.. Then await moments when His light&love will pour out upon U..  Turn2Jesus&live!

***Doing things for yourself that enable you to live life to it's fullest: Take time for your dreams and desires and things that God would want for you  so you can become the daughter that He would dream of you becoming..     You need to realize your potential as a daughter of God... Do not be making choices that would bring you down..  Stay close to God so He can help you acheive goals for yourself, your husband and your family and with your personal gifts and talents and with your career if you have to be maintaining financial dependence or if you are at a time in your family life where you must work or keep up career requirements.. (Add more)

***Section on financial peace of mind..

A grandson once wanted to know the secrets of his grandfathers financial success and so hoping to be well to do like his grandfather as many teens in High School start contemplating ... he got up the nerve to ask his grandfather..  expecting him to tell him all of this            financial information he pulled out his paper and pad to write down whatever his grandfather told him..  And his grandfather then whispered in his ear.... "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you.."  He was kind of disappointed by the answer.. but the older and more mature that he became and the more he stove to live the gospel and stay close to God.. It was true.. he became more and more blessed..  And I will remind you that if you seek the world and seek have your mind centered on financial gain and extreme worldy attire.. especially expensive, costly attire and the expensive, wordly.. UnGodly things of this world  then your peace of mind and true prosperity and true joy will be taken from you.. Jesus told us:

 (Blessings of paying Tithing& fast offerings as spoken of in the book of Malachi.. ) (Work on more)

***Expound on the power of spiritual music... movies.. TV viewing ... books.. (and of course that includes regular scripture reading..) to bring joy, apeace of mind and God to be with you...

The joys and blessings of learning a musical instrument using wholesome and especially religious music... and as long as it is not    too loud for others or yourself.. (This can lead not only to hearing loss but also nerve damage if it is too loud.. even if it is good wholesome music..) and many times when music or anything is too loud God's spirit cannot be with you and it is deteriorating your body, hearing, mind and soul.. and spirit.. (Musical instruments can so easily be used as a tool of satan... There is so much music out there where God's spirit has to leave and satan takes over.. and satan can so easily keep you from desiring good wholesome and especially spiritual music.. So be very leary of that and over and over.. "Can Heavenly Father's spirit be with me as I am listening to this music?" Many times reviewing the lyrics imediately tell us.. as we may discover that they are not up to God's high standards.. and even may teach us to be against God's standards and to break His commandments that are for our good and freedom.. Much music can enslave us and keep our minds and thoughts within satans hipnotic enslavement..(work on more)

***The spiritual and healing strength of a marriage filled with love and unconditional love and the love of God, where both are striving to follow God and His Son Jesus... (I'll expound more on this)

Yet the deterioration of body, mind and soul.. if your spouse (or companion or friend) is tearing you down and bringing you down..  (Or if it causes you to join in and bring yourself down along with them..) If there is no hope for change you must seek to get out of this relationship before it destroys you or your children if you have any.. I will say that this only happens when they or you  or both of                         you are not living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. 

         I often add to wedding Cards that I give out... "The greatest marriage advice: If you both live the gospel of Jesus Christ and have God as your marriage counselor.. you can overcome anything and you will have a most wonderful marriage .. not just for this life .. but also into the eternities..  When things are rocky in a marriage it is usually because one or the other or both may not be living the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially His first and most important commandment of a Christlike love..." (work on more)

Here are some of the songs I've written for my sweetheart of now 34 years... These songs have alot of good marriage advice in them...  (U will soon realize that they are all country.. The first one is very zippy.. and fun..)

My 4ever Honey Bunny  (Written 4 my 4ever sweetheart for our 34th anniversary)
Lyrics and Music by MaeWagenen

(Vs. 1) He came my way… Oh, What a day!      I knew right then I’d be his henny hen…

And he’d be my rooster… Oh, What a booster….  For the rest of my life… I’d never be a looser….          

                                                  Cuz he’d be my rooster… Yep.. My 4ever booster…

So we fell in love and we got hitched…He’s my one and only that I’d never ditch..

(1rst time: He’s my sweet honey bunny.. At times he’s mean, at times he’s funny..(go to**)
(2nd time: He’s my honey bunny..Most times he’s sweet…but sometimes funny..(go to**) 

(3rdtime: He’s my sweet honey and my play boy bunny.. Yep, at times he’s yummy with a little funny(goto@)                                   
         @: And we’ll kiss and laugh and kiss and laugh.. Yep.. That’s my funny play boy bunny.. (go to #)

**And we’ll laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh…… Yep that’s my funny honey bunny.. (go to #) 

#He makes my life sunny (Pause) and I thank my God..for my sweet honey…My sweet honey bunny..                                                     .    (*3rd time repeat chorus after U sing “He makes my life sunny” a second time singing the 2nd time way then go to ending)

(Ending)  (slower) Yep.. I thank my God… for my sweet honey!!!   My 4ever honey bunny..

(Vs. 2)
    Now we love each other, we’re in this 4ever… not just for a week or a years endeavor…

I’m his queen and he’s my king… He’s my favorite song that I’ll ever sing….

Yep along with the Lord.(Pause) He’s my everything.. Along with the Lord… He’s my 4ever King

  They‘re both my favorite songs I sing…  What a joy they both can bring.. 

                                                                                      They‘re my everything.. (Sing Chorus)

(Vs. 3)
     No matter what may come our way… No matter the problems from day to day…

We’ll overcome them…. together we’ll stay… We’ll ever be true and never betray….

No matter what may come our way… We’ll overcome the devil and together we’ll stay…

With God on our side, Come what may, our love will stand strong, as we ever pray… from day to day..

Yep, Our love is here to stay. Not just for a years endeavor (Pause) but our love here to last 4ever!                                                (End singing Chorus again)

(**copyrights April 2012.. No copying without permission on any of my songs please.. U can contact me at: if wanted for permission..)

My dear husband has had to suffer terrible with a number of things this past 19 years now.. There have been four different times that my husband has been near death... Once he even saw the tunnel of light and angels coming to take him and he begged of me not to call the ambulance and to let him go and end all of his suffering.. (of then over 16 years).. But... In came one of our sons (then 14 or 15) .. and he saw how bad his father was collapsed on the bathroom floor with his asthma and severe back pain.. and without saying a word.... (even though it was 11:00 at night.. he ran and called .. our religious leader and told him his dad was dying and he won't let us call an ambulance and to come right over and give him a blessing.. and ask Jesus to heal him.. and within five minutes.. he was there with another friends of my husband's and they layed their hands on his head.. and in the name of Jesus Christ they litterally raised him from the "just about dead"... and in the blessing they told him that God still wanted him here on the earth and so did his family and that God would preserve his life so he could raise his children.. and care for his family.. And within a couple of minutes.. U couldn't tell that anything was wrong with him and he was doing so much better.. (Even without taking an asthma inhaler!)  So I wrote this next song soon after this incidence....  

Happy Birthday, My Darl’n Dear…    music and lyrics by MaeWagenen
  Dedicated to my dear husband of 33 years.. Who has struggled for the last 18 years with many painful health problems..                                                                                           

(1rst verse) Ha-ppy Birth-day… my dar- l’n dear..

I’ve been so blessed….   to have you here…. For a-no-ther year…. My dar- l’n dear...

So   ma-   ny   times… you’ve brigh-tened  my life… and helped me through strife…
                                                                             Yes.. You’ve brigh-tened.. up my life…

*(Chorus) So   I   get  down on  my knees…. and thank the Lord for you, yet ask Him please..   
to  keep you here  a- no-ther year…    cuz I love you so...

 But  I want ya  to know… if you were to  go… Back  to  hea-ven .. to- mo- rrow… yes, there’d be so-rrow…..
but  I  know  you’d  still be there …  when- e-  ver   I   need  your care…

And  I’d  feel  your  hea- ling  love…  come  down  from  up  a- bove….

 Yes, I  know  that  you’d  be  here.. My  dar- l’n  dear.. Cuz our love is  for-e- ver (First time through go to 2nd vrs)                                                                             

“Yes, our love…  is sealed for-e- ver” (Ending)  E-ven be-fore our birth,    E- ven be-yond this earth,   

 our  love  was for  e- ver…  (slower) our love will be for- e- ver..  (Slowly): Cuz  I  love you so…

(2nd Verse) Now .. We’ve been blessed with mos-tly ups…..     And  o-  ver-came the sel-fish downs...
 (after 17 years of wonderful health and a dream marriage.. and a spiritual giant in my life.. my husband then fell into a major depression after finding out that his back defect and injury would be with him and imobilize him for the rest of his life.. (He could still walk here and there but with great pain.) For about three of these years.. he stayed mostly in this negative state and turned from the Lord many times.. and was down and hopeless many times.. It was such hard years.. but thank God  and through turning back to God...again.. he finally came out out of his severe depression.. and he handles his infirmity most times now with God on his side instead.. thank U God for having my spiritual husband back!!! His spirituality is more important to me  than anything else he could ever give me and our children.. )

When we chose God..  His spi-rit would come a-round… And He would  re-scue us.. so our love would sur-vive...
 And then it would thrive…  When God was on our side…  our love was   a-live..  Return to Chorus. Repeat twice then end
 *End with repeating chorus twice.. Then sing the ending..*first time start the chorus with the word “So” as stated, then the third time replace it with the word “Yes“…

**Copyrights April 2010..

And here is even another song that I wrote about two years ago that gives a brief history of our life together..:

Almost the Cowboy that I Pert Near Dreamed  (or Sitt‘n Pick‘n Cherries)
A love song about life together with my sweetheart of 34 years on May 2012!! by MaeWagenen

(Fiddle intro of my Cherry Pick’n fiddle song, first part only; not chorus)
Vs.1: In your air-force/mi-li-at-ry (Choose either one.. Military covers all of the armed services and more may relate to it.. ) suit You walked up to me…
I was si-tin’ pickin’ che-rries in a che-rry tree..
You said come down and we could fool a-round
With a kiss or two … then you pulled u-pon my shoe..

Chorus: I fell with a bound … you caught me from the ground…
Stole a kiss or two, said to me you would be true…
But I climbed back up… sat down u-pon the tree..
Said there was a-no-ther and you weren’t for me….  *violin: fiddle Chorus of song (Last half of  my Cherry pick’n song
Vs.2: Said I was a cow-girl born in Grand Mon-tan-…
a Said I want a cow-boy who was a cow-man… 
an’ Who owned a big ranch or a big ol’ farm…
With long horned ca-ttle or some cows an’ a barn…

Chorus: With lo-tsa’ hor-ses for me and our kids
With chick-ens, a gar-den and big fat pigs…
With a Che-vy truck and a dog named Dove..
A good man who wor-shipped the Lord a-bove.. Violin: Jesus is the Rock of My Salvation  (first 2 phrases only)
Vs.3: A-lla’ the su-dden you grabbed me in your arms…
An’ I was ta-ken a-way by your man-ly charms…
Ya said some how… you’d give me all my wi-shes…
While li-v’n round the world said you’d e-ven do the di-shes..   *Speaking say quickly: Whoa! Now that’s  a good reason to marry a man!
Chorus: So we fell in love and soon we were ma-rried…
Be-fore we knew it o-ver seas we were ca-rried..
In I-ta-ly we lived on a big ol’ farm …
With corn, chicks an’ geese an’ a big ol’ barn…
Li-vin’ in Ger-ma-ny we square danced a-way…
They love coun-try mu-sic them cow-boys play..

Vs. melody: Li-v’n in En-gland we rode hor-ses on the shore…
Saw lo-tsa’ ca-stles and the Queen and more…   *Violin: Oh Britannia or another famous English march)
Chorus: Now in be-tween Europe we lived in the States…  
The grand U.S.A… that’s still really great.. (Play the song God Bless America half way through)

Vs.4:  (Start with beginning melody again): We lived in North Da-kota an’ loved the Bad lands… 
But near froze to death…  lived to tell it none the less…
Moved on to U-tah…  fed pigs at the fair… 
Loved cam-p’n in the moun-tains and ski’n there…

Chorus: Lived in Ca-li-for-nia and had lot‘sa fun…
At Dis-ney Land the o-cean an‘ play-’n in the sun…
Our last base was Te-xas where I milked a cow or two…
Saw long horns, the A-la-mo an’ Sea World with Sha-mu…  *Violin plays first two phrases of: Yellow Rose of Texas
                        *End this song with three half step upward chord progression
Vs.5: We then re-ti-red back in U-tah with our mom and dad…
Rea-lly missed the moun-tains an’ the snow they had…
Bought a pi-o-neer home with lots of quail..
With a big ol’ yard and a gar-den as well….

Chorus: It has a che-rry tree that our kids love to climb..
We love si-tt’n on our porch and our life is su-blime… 

 *Speak abruptly: Wait a minute!
 I for-got to tell you that a-long the way we had:
*Singing with the melody of:  The 12 Days of Christmas  Starting with “5 Golden Rings“:                                                     

                5 awe-some kids…(Sing then fiddle that fraze only then sing on)
4 gui-nea pigs… 3 mi-ni bu-nnies… 2 ya-pping dogs… and one ve-ry or-ange, or-ange, Ta-by cat…
Sing this phrase monotone: Plus friends with horses too!!!
                            It’s a-lot chea-per than ow-n’n yer own!   *Violin (classical: starting with “5 golden Rings” through til the end.
Vs.1: Now my life didn’t go quite how I first planned…
But more than I wished for came from this man..
Who served the Lord from our ve-ry start….
 who was faith-ful an’ loved me with all of his heart..

Chorus: Why… He’s al-most the cow-boy that I pert near dreamed..
And he let me be the cow-girl that I al-ways seemed…
He still grabs me in his arms….
An’ I still feel his man-ly charms…
Af-ter all these years we’re still in love….
I still kiss his lips and thank the Lord a-bove…

Ending, singing very loudly: (Play short beginning portion of I’ll be loving You):Yes… I still kiss his lips and thank the Lord a-bove…
 For my one an’ only sweet-heart and… for-e-ver… true love…     
Then repeat singing quickly the last Phrase once more..  Then end with quick phrase…
Copyrights Oct.. 2011... or

Here is a FaceBook Post that was sent to me one time by "My Life Quotes" and sadly this can be the situation for many marraiges that start neglecting each other..:
While you're ignoring her (Him could be replacing her.. or maybe you are both guilty of not giving each other time),
another guy is giving her attention.
while you're giving her problems,
another guy is listening to those problems.
while you're to busy for her,
another guy is making time for her.
while you're making her cry,
another guy is trying to make her smile.
while you're not sure if you still want her,
another guy already figured it out♥

Then the post is followed by a picture with these words:   

You've got to open up your facebook to be able to read it..

The main message is... When you were first married you made sure that you took all of this special time to go on dates... to listen to your sweetheart.. to pay them compliments.. to help them with things.. you were forgiving or understanding of their imperfections and where they were at in life.. You would love them unconditionally.. You would give them plenty of nonsexual hugs and kisses.. letting them know that it is not just for sexual reasons that you married them... You wanted to be there for them.. You said "I love U" often.. and showed them in many ways...    You strove not to do or say things to make them feel badly..  And for many Christians: You turned to God often and showed them your spiritual side.. So so sad that these things have to become far between and fewer as marriage goes forward.. None of this should stop...  keep it going...
  I have truly been blessed to be able to let my husband know that I never have any romantic feelings towards any other man in my life but him.. But I am smart enough to understand and see how easily it can be and happen if you allow it to have romantic feelings towards someone other than your spouse.. Santan know everyones weakness.. and infidelity to a spouse is many times an easy way to bring even the best of best down.. Always be safeguarding against having this happen..  When a spouse is beginning to leave you out of your life and degrading you with the above paragraph.. I can surely see where this situation can happen..
    My husband and I found that our lulls and worst times in our marriage were when we weren't striving to live a Christlike life.. and love and forgive and understand and help as Jesus would want us too...  You have got to safeguard what should be your most precious relationship and continue in this life and forever to nurture it and both live for the better wellbeing.. physically .. mentally and spiritually of each other.. and make time for quality time together.. spiritual time.. fun time... planning time.. intellectual time.. physical time.. but especially spiritual time.. and even praying together for God to be in your life..

I will work more on this page as time goes by.. (Copy with my permission only)