MyCharities4Jesus    I luv this this music video .. the singers and the paintings.. so beautiful & such a profound message... It reminds our children who they are and that reminds parents that they have a stewardship to lovingly care for them and to teach their children of God and his Will for them .. ...

This page is still under construction.... but will be dedicated to ideas that will help us raise a functional family with spiritual desires that has much goodness, kindness & love & desires 2 follow the Savior when satan's outside forces seem to be taking over the world.. We'll talk about how U can make your home a haven on earth with a portion of heaven dwelling within.......


    (Out of the many wonderful, joyful, loving days of being a mother there are some that are very hard, or physically exhausting, or sad, even heartbreaking at times, or some that are even frustrating .. There can be times when even one child can be a challenge, but then I ended up having five.. two little ones so close almost like twins and three teenagers... (I can't fathom what my mom went through raising all nine of us!!)
     One day it seemed something was going wrong with every child.. and I remember running into the bedroom and locking the door and I jumped onto my bed and began crying profusely as I began to pray.. (Something that I was good about doing throughout all of my motherhood.. )
and usually I would turn my heart in fervent, humble, pleading prayer asking the Lord to help me through the day, but this time I blurted out words filled with anger even, something like: "Dear Jesus!  "Why didn't you get married and have children and then write a New Testament on being the Perfect Parent... as you would have been?... " and I cried somemore.. and very shortly after my angry question my mind didn't deserve it.. but it was filled with the love and peace of God or I think Jesus Himself as He gave me the soft yet powerful answer: "All you need to know to be the perfect parent is within my words that I have already spoken."  And I knew that it was all true... If I follow and live the already existing teachings of my Savior ... I will be a Christlike parent... and then now that I was more humble another answer came something to the idea:... "Even if you were the perfect parent... you may still have trials with your children and they may not turn out perfect... because they are not mature adults but children and they all have their free agency to choose... good or evil.. and even into adulthood the natural man will have many desires to choose evil unless he turns his heart to Me and My Father in Heaven."  And I knew that it was all true.. .. And several times over I cried and asked the Lord to forgive me for being so rude to Him..
      As parents there are times we want our children so badly to choose to think like our Savior and to live His teachings and to make right choices that we can tend to come over too strong and even forceful or the wrong way, having satan on our shoulder coming over stern, upset, unhappy or choose spanking, or even yelling in full anger at our children if they are doing something wrong.. Where we force good behavior at times or our righteous desires on our children....... but when parenting is done satan's way and not the Lords (or Gods) it can backfire and even make things worse at time.. and it can hurt and destroy tender hearts and the love that you have shared for so many years....... and what will we be teaching our children.... Just the opposite that we truly desire... to come over in a very unChristlike way.. and to treat others in an unChristlike way.. and children quickly learn to copy any example that their parents put forth towards them and others... I remember the first time I ever yelled at a child was when my first son had turned thirteen.. and I was frustrated at something he did wrong twice in a row close together ... So for the first time ever I yelled a my child...   and as soon as I did the spirit came over so strongly.... "The way you have just treated this child will come back to you... " and sure enough for the first time ever one of my children yelled back at me.. and it was so sad for me.. but I set it up to happen.. (I will say that it has been very rare that I have yelled at any of my children since that time.. {Well I mean in an angry manner. Calling them to dinner doesn't count!} maybe an average of two or three times for each child except sadly about ten times for Ben during one year that he became difficult for me to deal with out of all of my children.. Thank God after that year we seemed to be able to overcome and for most of his Senior year we were peaceable and more loving again.. ).. Yelling is so ineffective.. and actually harms your mind and body and others around you and ofcorse satan is with you when you yell... even if it is for a good cause.. if you are doing it welled up in anger satan is there.. Thus that is why I keep on saying; Fighting for a good cause with satan on your shoulder.. (add more)
    When we have done our part to teach them of God's and Christ's word and how they desire of us to think and behave and especially love then allow a degree of free agency and choices .. and lovingly teach what to do when they have made wrong choices along with basic Christlike, Godly teachings positively and lovingly embedded in their hearts along with a gentler loving encouragement... the desire to choose goodness over evil will be so much stronger within ourselves and our children.. ...)

Here are some awesome scriptures that can help us as a parent and our children:.. (of corse many apply to we as adults to giving us advice on how to be a wonderful parent..)

(Prov 22:6)  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the LORD your God is giving you."
(Deuteronomy 5:16)

"As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; And you will be comforted in Jerusalem."
(Isaiah 66:13)

"He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother."
(Psalm 113:9)

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb."
(Psalm 139:13)

"Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her:"
(Proverbs 31:28)

Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may go well with you in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.
(Deuteronomy 5:16)

Every one of you shall revere his mother and his father, and you shall keep my Sabbaths: I am the LORD your God.
(Leviticus 19:3)

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck.
(Proverbs 1:8-9)

My son, keep your father’s commandment, and forsake not your mother’s teaching. Bind them on your heart always; tie them around your neck. When you walk, they will lead you; when you lie down, they will watch over you; and when you awake, they will talk with you.
(Proverbs 6:20-22)

The proverbs of Solomon. A wise son makes a glad father, but a foolish son is a sorrow to his mother.
(Proverbs 10:1)

If one curses his father or his mother, his lamp will be put out in utter darkness.
(Proverbs 20:20)

Listen to your father who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old. Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding. The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice; he who fathers a wise son will be glad in him. Let your father and mother be glad; let her who bore you rejoice.
(Proverbs 23:22-25)

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise),“that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.”
(Ephesians 6:1-3)

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you.

Ephesians 6:4 And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath,
but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. A. Don't provoke your children unto wrath lest they be discouraged 1. Provoke means to stir up.
2. Lose heart, become dis-spirited. B. But bring them up

You can't give away what you don't have...your kids will be like you, so work hard to fix your own problems - Ex.34:7 visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and
the children's children to the third and the fourth generation.

Proverbs 29:15 The rod and rebuke give wisdom,
But a child left to himself brings shame to his mother. (Lets refer to the rod as the word of God instead of spanking or beating a child)

Deut.6:6-9 And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

1 Cor. 15:33 Do not be deceived: "Evil company corrupts good habits. ( From young teach them to keep friends that would help them live as Jesus...)

For this child I prayed,
and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him.
Therefore I also have lent him to the Lord;
as long as he lives he shall be lent to the Lord."
So they worshiped the Lord there.
1 Samuel 1:26-27

The LORD also will be a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble; and those who know Your name will put their trust in You, for You, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.
(Psalm 9:9-10)

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains quake at its swelling pride.
(Psalm 46:1-3)

(I will be adding much more, you can email me more if you want.. also This is not in the KingJames Version but a modern translation of scripture..)

Here are some references to great books on parenting through the scriptures or parenting with a religious side..
Parenting with Scriptures by Kara Durbin

Permeated Parenting.. Bible Verses for parents: by Steve Nielsen

Here is a great parenting book for Christians of any religion.. She also Has a six step ciriculum available.. Check out: Spiritual Parenting by Dr. Michelle Anthony

Parenting your Teen: What every Parent must know... Also has some great ideas in it..

I'll enter more later:

I also wrote a book called "Motherhood: A precious gift from God Above.. A sacrifice of .... and love..
It covers alot about my mothering.. The mothering of my own mother and the mothering of my dear grandmother and much more..

I also wrote a book on about my incredible father that is awesome.. and has many great insights on parenting..  ...

    **Another thing that I feel is important is to Keep a Journal for each of your children recording their great times, their times of goodness and thoughtfulness and caring and times of helping and giving.. Encourage them to keep a journal also.. having it start out with all they are thankful for then to also strive to record the good things of the day and even good thoughts and to add spiritual experiences or inspiriational moments that they may have, being sure to record these special times keeping the journal positive ......  This is so good for them to look back on and to remember the wonderful times they were blessed with.. Now also have them record hardships or bad days but teach them that after they write about a bad times or mistakes or trials, or a regular handycap that they may have to  physically or mentally endure regularly .. to write down ideas on how they can learn from these times.. and to search out a scripture that might help them and write it down... and then ways that they can help to overcome or deal with these times.... If they start this when they are young it will also help them to deal with life more as they grow older.. Also ask them to turn their heart in prayer to God asking for help and strength and a positive Christlike attitude to overcome their troubles and trials..

Also have a scrap book or a folder to collect things they go to and things that they are involved with or when they are on different programs. Encourage and remind them to add programs or inspired art or book report or what ever you can think to add.. but help them in this endeavor..

(Expound more on your Goal Charts I used with my children../my large laminated organizational calandar )

What I've learned from my teens...   never stop telling them that U luv them!!!  Start early having them tell U, your husband and brothers and sisters that U luv them...
I am so very blessed that because we started at such a young age saying "I love You" often... My kids are so good (even as teens) to say I love you often and to never leave the home without yelling I love you! ... Even if we have had disagreements or fights. You still hear these I love you's shortly after, even if I have had an argument with my husband.
                                                  I would never leave the house without telling him "I'm sorry we can't agree... or that you are mad at me... but remember that I love you dearly anyway.. How sad it would be if ones last words out the door were words of anger and then something happened that you never saw that person again... I would never want this to happen..
     It has been a rare occassion through the years that we have failed to say that we love each other... but it helps if you start it at a very young age and that when more problems arise as teens that you keep it up no matter how heated your arguments may be. *Note my account below of the mom that had a difficult time telling her belligerent teen "I love you."
A unconditional Christlike love works miracles!...     I'll add more to this para later

           I've noticed that most every family has at least one teen that starts giving them problems or that chooses to go against religion, or that chooses to be nonconformists or sadly that thrive on the extreme dark side.. or they may get caught up into extreme music or movies or gaming, or so sadly pornography,  teens that so sadly get caught up in the smoking, drug and drinking scene.. or sadly gangs, or they choose to drop out of School... or they can even sadly get involved with satanism and witchcraft or priestcraft.. So So sadly.. Satan has created more junk than ever before to entice and enslave our precious children... First I want to say that the majority of adults that work with these extreme teens find that they can bring out the good in them and that many of them still have these wonderful personalities .. but at home they struggle..
      There was one mother that was struggling so many times with her teenager... She came to a point where all they could ever do was argue.. So one day a friend told her to instead of arguing with him tell him that you don't want to argue because you love him.. The mother said that she could not even bring herself to say this to her teen because they were always so angry at each other.. But she decided one day to say it when the teen had no control to say something mean back at her... Each night after he fell asleep she decided to go into his room and whisper in his ear "I love you" and..sometimes she would whisper; "forgive me for not being a better mom." and sometimes she would whisper a little prayer for her son after she said her I love you's.. And she did this for a few months when one day out of the blue her son changed for the better.. just like that... All at once he stopped going out with his friends that were doing everything under the sun that they shouldn't and that were a bad influence on him.. He stopped swearing.. He stopped drinking and drugs.. He stopped arguing with his mom and dad.. and he started to apply himself at school and he started dressing neat and cutting his long hair.. His mom asked him what made him all of the sudden change and he came out and admitted.. that many nights he would hear his mother whisper I love you. and he would hear her prayers for him and just one night after his mom said I love you and said a prayer for him that he was overtaken by the love of God and he knew in his heart that he must change from his bad ways for his mother and for himself.. and he gave her a big hug and started sobbing and said over and over ... "I love you mom!!! Please forgive me!!! Please forgive me!!"  This simple action and words of "I love You" are so powerful... We must strive to keep them up.. even when we have arguments or disagreements with our children.. (or spouses or others) ....
 The miracle of love...  and remember that you can still find love and happiness with your teens that are not following the ways of God and who are not living up to your expectations or goals for them.. They need your unconditional Christlike love.. especially at these trying times..
Expound on more: And remember there can still be many wonderful things about these seemingly wayward teens (or adult children) Seek and accentuate their positive as much as possible.. and as often as possible tell them that you dearly love them... At times you could add.. I don't always agree with the choices that you make but just because we don't agree doesn't mean I should stop loving you.. and retell them that that they mean so much to you and that you will always love them dearly no matter what choices they make in their lives..   Love.. Love... Love... when that true feeling of love is there between both of you... satan has to leave..
*I'm still working on this paragraph..

    **Be sure to take the time out of buzy times and concentrate on things that matter most.. Don't miss out on moments and opportunities with your children that could be precious memories or priceless opportunities to teach our children  or for us as parents to learn from our children... or chances to bond with them... and to have a fun moment with them ... Sometimes U just have to stop what U are doing for a moment and be a part of what should be more important.. for that moment anyway.. When we live with the spirit of God in our lives the more we will know when these moments come.. 
   At times we are very very buzy .. but there is time that we should be able to stop and take that moment... or maybe we need to stop what we are doing and take an hour or even a day.. and put off what could be done tomorrow..  We may be very sad up in heaven when these precious moments lost were brought to our attention.. that we failed to grasp onto them and make a difference in our life and in our childrens..

    I would hope that you would plan many uplifting outings with your family and extended family.. These can strengthen family relationships and become precious memories that are easy to recall and remember.. We were so blessed to do so many things together as a family when I was growing up.. the most memorable was the many camping trips in the most beautiful Rocky Mountains and other wilderness areas throughout the Western United states.. My other brothers and sister will also remember their trip back to Canada.. near Quebec yet in Carletonplace, Ontario where my mother's parents lived.. (I was married and with my husband who was stationed in Italy.. at the time..                     That was also a precious family memory!!)
Since my dear mama passed away about 18 years ago.. My father's new wife promoted that we start having regular yearly family reunions as her children faithfully did.. (She had seven children from a previous marriage and my father and mother had eight.. So that is quite a few kidies and grandkidies (about 45 now as all of their kids were married and having children! ) to keep up with..

I'm still working on this para.

Kids say the funniest things... Sadly this was totally deleted so I need to start all over again..  but here are some fun things to start again with.. My great Baptist friend had three sweet girls just like the three sisters in this video and I remember watching them here and there and we would practice memorizing scriptures... so they brought back fond memories... Wish I could hug them all right now!!!

I'll be adding alot more to this section.. email me yours if U have some to add....

Amazing kids that have amazing parents behind them... (along with their amazing teachers that help develop that gift.) wherever you have an amazing child there has been an amazing parent or parents that have many times from a very young age prepared and helped their child develop their minds and thoughts and many times spirituality and provided means and support for their child to progress in the gift that the parent(s) realized that God has given them....  

  The first child that I would like to pay tribute to so sadly has died at the age of 13: It is Mattie Stepanek. at the age of three he asked his mom to write down the "Heartsongs" that were coming from God into his mind and heart.. He was a child that was above and beyond other children spiritually .. and he had to greatly suffer from his muscular Dystrophy.. and that added to his understanding and empathy towards others .. and his spiritual soul.. (Many children that have to endure great suffering end up developing a spiritual maturity that many other children lack..  and it can end up being a great great blessing..  )  Look up his poetry on line or better yet purchase some of his incredible books.. His mother also wrote his autobiography... I hope to read it soon.
     Here is A tribute to Mattie by singer Madison Cross then an inspiring interview with Mattie's mother following his death... (Mattie was the fourth child that she had lost .. She didn't realize until after she had her fourth child Mattie that she also had Muscular Dystrophy as her children. Incredible mother that was a part of why her Mattie was so incredible.. She was so strong and always was close to God and turned to Him through all the 20 years she was enduring her trials: Song by his friend Madisson Cross..  :
   Here is the interview with his incredible mother:

Now at this time I want to share a talent that many kids have.. but at only five this sweetheart angel left many of them hidden all around her home before she passed away... The gift of sharing sweet I Love You notes.. to everyone.. and you can read everything about her and her journal that she kept to inspire everyone.. (Wise beyond her years).. Elena Deserek... buy her book to help towards cancer research.. Notes left behind..!

Here is a precious child that has great spiritual insight thanks to his parents and religion.. and his personal relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ..   Godvine and Jesus loves You are both great website& facebook sites to subscribe to... they share wonderful spiritual things from a variety of Christian religions..  God and His Son are with all of His children throughout the world.. Not just with your religion as some may think... Though some Christian religions are closer to the correct doctrines and interpretations of our Lord Jesus and our Father in Heaven and the Bible.. I feel.. we all share Jesus our Savior in common and that is a wonderful thing..

Rhema Marvanne at such a young age has been blessed with this incredible bluegrass voice.. Here she sings Amazing Grace:

Here is another little angel that God gave a gift that no other child as young as her has developed.. a mature operatic voice ... Jackie Evencho..

I really enjoy this Christian singing competition for youth.. (Awesome idea! The best thing is is that they share nothing but spiritual uplifting songs.. Here is Michely Manuelli.. Testify of Love..

Jotta Angus from Brazil   Worthy is the Lamb   From Brazil's  Kids Got Talent

Here is an incredible little pianist.. that even writes her own music: Emily Bear has even played at the White House..

Here is an amazing little violinist... Brianna Kahane (There have been more advanced ones at her age... but not with her distinct incredible personality.. She is awesome!)

Here is a most incredible child artist: Akiane. When you go into her art gallery notice what she was creating at age 11!! Most incredible and you can tell that she has a very spiritual side to her.. hopefully she will not loose that as she becomes older.:

Though this is a very poor recording.. here is an amazing six year old classical guitarist:

At only nine.. here is one gifted flautist: Jordie

One entry for Ukraine's Got Talent.. These incredible kids performed combination of ballet&acrobatics.

Here at five is Kaitlyn  Maher.  At four she was in American Idol and Disney gave her a part in one of their movies, here she sings in the movie "The Search for Santa Paws": 
Here is another song from the movie with all of her orphan friends.. Sweet movie& song.. Try to rent it sometime:  I Believe in Christmas:
   Here is just one more that I love:   You Were Meant to Be: (In the arms of Compassion)  Very special Christlike song sung by Kaitlyn at six years old:
O.k.  I'm giving this little girl more of a spotlight.. but I luv when they sing more religious songs.. Though I don't quite like how electric guitary it gets in places.. Here she sings at her grandfather's funeral.. and by the end of the song.. The spirit it very beautiful and strong.. Great Great message including our Savior Jesus Christ and the millennial reign...

Many time children with disabilities have very special gifts... learn of Jake and his incredible gift..

Here are some amazing five year old classical guitarists!!

Here are more child wonders: a harpist.. jazz singer & piano player and even a seven year old surgeon who has the highest I.Q. in India..

Here are some more that Oprah had on her show:

Read about what these amazing kids are up to:

Here are some incredible kids from Africa... Check out more of these gifted performing children's groups from Africa.. These ones many time sing religious songs... even very joyous ones:

When Children (or adults) have and develop amazing talents and gifts and abilities it is so awesome... but even that much more awesome when they do sharing a spiritual side and glorifying God for where they are today and when they share spiritual thoughts and music with us.. as the first three of these favorite gifted kids have done.. Most of them would not be at the level they are today without parents that influence them, encourage them, assist them, go with them to their lessons.. and much more.. and then they open the doors for them to develop their gifts and abilities... And when they do it without being forceful or with a negative attitude then their kiddies will even take off more..  With one of my children I was more serious and even angry with them at times.. as they learned their instrument.. but then with the others I was more positive and even had great times with them being involved and going to concerts that they were involved in.. Each of them were very gifted and became very good at the talents they pursued.. (Sadly what happens to many parents.. many times when they start into college.. they find they have less time for their talent and they decide to ditch their instruments... This has happened to my children with some of their instruments...  I will say that they were the ones that chose their instrument.. I did not at anytime force them or come over as they had to choose the instrument and I will say that most of the time they loved and enjoyed their instruments.. ... It was very important to me that they enjoy the instruments that they chose.. and they all took very naturally to them..  and I truly feel as somewhere down the line (hopefully soon) they will return to their instruments.. and if not.. the positive, uplifting.. many times heavenly music that they were exposed to and brought into their minds will always be with them for the rest of their lives.. and I know that as they learned these instruments with uplifting music (Because some children are not learning with uplifting music, but with music that takes away from their spirituality and brainpower.) it does increase their brain potential and it was proven that when a person is reading notes and playing an instrument that they are using both sides of their brains and the greatest portion over many many things they could be doing.. Even memorization or math.. and the next one that was using about the same was having learned a language and having your brain being in translating mode where outloud you are translating a message or something.. from a different language ..  Very interesting PBS special..) I will write later on things that deteriorate your brain and your brain power.. 
   Then the next reason these children are where they are is because of teachers and instructors that are incredible themselves and very gifted and  that have thoughtfully trained them.. and enlightened them even beyond, helping them realize their potential..

   Here are some most amazing adults that were amazing kids that had amazing parents to help them discover who they were and what they could become and taught them who God is.. and to love Him and live for Him and to live to inspire and uplift others....  Whenever you feel inferior or ugly or as your body is getting you down.. or that you are just down.. Watch this and every one of his videos:

Interview with Nick Vujicic:

He preaches for Jesus: With God all things are Possible  His theme

    Here is my favorite one of him... (and yet so sadly .. satan has to distract you with immodest videos following so please immediately go back to my website as soon as it is finished..  )  This man is so so so incredible!!! God is truely with him!!!

There are many times that I tell people that they can play the violin.. and they think not and I say.. Just try it .. and I will show them and before they know it they are learning all of the notes and playing away.. I even helped a woman play that only had her left arm to her elbow.. and we tapedthe bow to her elbow and low and behold she could play... although I will say that we figured out that she would do better at the cello so she tried out the cello instead.. Oh.. I forgot to say that she had had her legs amputated to her knees also.. She was amazing.. at least she was blessed with one full arm and hand.. Then about a year later I found out about this amazing violinist:

   Here is another most amazing violinst
: Itzhak Pearlman:... The most incredible violinist of our time.. maybe of all time.. even better than Paganini.. He makes everything seem so easy!!! As a young boy he had polio and had to overcome so much and most of his life he has been in a wheelchair yet able to get around very short distances.. (He will always come out using his crutches as his has no choice, then he takes a seat.. He is so inspirational to everyone who meets him...). What I love most about this man is his personality.. He is truly above other men in so many ways.. and so gracious and Christlike and understanding.. I was so blessed to hear him and meet him when I was about 16 and my teacher took me to one of his concerts to meet him and to hear him perform the same concerto that I was learning.. (although I could never take it as fast as him! I don't think there is anyone that can keep up with him!  He is truly incredible and has the spirit of God with him.. He is very devout in his religion and though he is Jewish he is such a great example for the whole world.. in living his Jewish religion.. a very Godly man (and A very Christlike man...  )

I had another student that was near his eighties when he started lessons.. he  had had two strokes which left the grip of his bow hand so limited that we had to tape his bow to his hand at times.. also he had sadly lost his larynx to cancer... Now I was the one to encourage him to try out the violin so he could have music in his life again.. as he used to be in barbershop quartets.. but ofcorse he had to quit when he came down with cancer..  After just three months of lessons he was able to go to his Senior Citizens and play .. Amazing Grace and The Blue Bells of Scottland!! and he did it very well and with his heart and soul.. It met so much to him... that he cried when I had to leave England and could no longer be his teacher.. He gave me the special gift of a miniature violin pin.. carved out of wood even..  He was a very special man of God that brought my husband and I much joy.. 

   **Many times those who have heavy trials and infirmities to overcome will become the strongest, most stalwart, most understanding, empathetic and spiritual and most incredible people.. and God is able to use them for great things..

In this paragraph I would like to share ideas for organizing and making housekeeping enjoyable and not a burden in your home.. Too many times I have seen housecleaning gone about in a negative way and children (or even ourselves as adults) begin to despise it or think or it as drudgery.. In a family setting (or roomate setting) it is critical to use teamwork to lighten the household chores and to have each others company to work together to make work more enjoyable and to finish it faster...
    Before I expound more on these subjects I want to share a very sad and even weird true story.. When we were young and had no children my husband  and I ended up dropping off something to a woman's home who was probably in her 50's.. She had a beautiful designer, Hollywood type home.. and after talking with her a bit we commented on her home and she asked if we would like a tour.. So she then went about taking us from room to room.. then when we were in the basement... (and why the basement when there was wonderful room enough upstairs)... she all of the sudden stopped in front of one room and we looked inside.. and it was obvious that it was a boys room.. and everything was perfectly in place & the bed was made just right & there were some toys and things and shoes out that let you know that it was the room of an older boy, not a real young boy .. and all of the sudden she said, even void of emotion it seemed: "This was the room of my only child.. and she said a boys name then she said: "When he was 16 we came home one day and we found a suicide note and he had hung himself from the light fixture... " and then you would think that she would go on to tell us more things about him and his life that were positive for a teen boy his age, but it was just so weird or bizarre almost as the only additional comment she made about him was something like this: "He would keep his room so clean.. He was so good at cleaning... He would even clean the bathroom spotless even with a toothbrush to get in the corners.."  and that was it! Then she moved right on to the other room to showoff her beautiful home... and it just gave me an eary sick feeling inside and I always wondered why couldn't she have said more good things about her son... and it just really made me wonder why he truly killed himself..  
     I don't know all of the story and more than likely I was misjudging... but.... at times I wondered who taught this child to be so particular with his cleaning that even the toothbrush was used and he strove to clean the bathroom so perfectly.. and I wonder if or how demanding his mother was or how did she go about having a teenager that is rarely the perfect kid to keep his room clean to keep things so immaculate.... and I wondered about other things...
     There are just times I have observed through the years that some mothers, fathers or children that have followed the example of the mother and father approach cleanliness in either an obsessive way.. where it is overly stressed and along with that I've seen it commandingly or even angrily re-enforced, or made such a big deal of in a negative manner.. Where God's spirit is not there in the process..  and all love leaves... and it makes me think of the  saying "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"... but I feel that if it is undertaken in a Christlike way this saying could have some truth but...  .. but there are times in life when you can not keep up .. such as when my mom was down in bed for three or four months with eachof her babies so she wouldn't loose them..  or when an outing takes priority or when a break for a story time or a child's need comes first.. or when I love yous and hugs need to be remembered inbetween.. and when you need to make cleaning a positive,maybe even fun at times.. time spent together.. and when cleanliness is presented or undertaken in the wrong way, angrily or unhappily or forcibly or extremely.. or not allowing others to enjoy life... or becoming too perfect and even obsessive.. all where Heavenly Father's spirit cannot be with you... .... then it can almost be as "Cleanliness is next to satanlyness" ... So from very young I have strove to make my children's helping joys or helping times.. a time of togetherness, team work... even turning it into fun and games at times.. and I would strive to remind them when they have accidents that accidents happen and that its o.k. to try and learn from them and then I would give them a cloth and we would both clean up together.. But I strove to never come over angry as I have seen to many parents do here and there.. Then some even send them into a corner or another room in a scolding, angry way as they clean up the  mess by themselves.. and it was all wrong..
   (One day I was giving a violin lesson to a student when all of the sudden I heard the mother yelling at the top of her lungs.. "You are such a pig.. pick that up right now .. go and put it in the washer and start a wash for me.. " and then she barreled upstairs and went into her bedroom with her husband and went on and on about her daughter ( who was only about eight at the time) and went on and on demeaning her young daughter leading from one thing to another.. and my heart was just broken for this little girl who was the sweetest out of all of her daughters... Then another time I saw her older ten year old sister treating her sister very similar to the mom.. raising her voice to her and commanding her to clean up something.. and it just made me sick inside and I tried to talk to her abit about it... Saying that Jesus wants us to speak to each other with more kindness and love.. you should go give her a hug and tell her that you love her... and she did and it made such a difference.. after she did.. Their home was very perfect also and I noticed that the mother always seemed to be cleaning...
(add about hiring extra help during times you are on overload... a time and a season ... There will be times you can happily and easily keep the home clean but then there will be times when other things take priority... Then pay a teen girl to come in and help for a bit.. here and there.. I used to be one of those mother's helpers.. many times throughout my teen years.. (also within my own home..) and it made such a difference in the homes that I happily helped... many times my goal was to get all of the kids together and assign them all a small short job and it became a fun thing..
I will share more great and even fun ideas to get everyone to help to clean.. "Cleanliness can be next to Godliness" if you are going about it in a Godly way.. 

For right now I am going to share some things that I posted on FaceBook once.. but I will revamp this:
I had a time when I was bedridden totally about 31/2 years out of six.. with my stabbing back pain then upper back injury so I can really feel sadly for her suffering.. (Which of corse brings on depression also.. ) Many will are or have gone through it..  During these times It was critical for my husband and I do get extra help from family, a teen neighbor girl, your religion, friends or a professional..
    I've had years of cleaning experience.. helping my mom care for my younger seven brothers and sisters.. helping moms in our neighborhood childminding and with housecleaning.. Then having my own household and even being a housecleaner professionally for a year.. Then also many many times helping the Relief Society clean up many a distressed home.. I have seen it all..
     My goal in many of these cases was to mentor the individual or the mothers and their children..(The father too at times) showing them ways to simplify cleaning.. and even make it fun for the kidies...
    *One of the first things that I strive to do is to work with the mom making sure that there is a place for everything... It is so hard to try to clean things when there may be nowhere for them to go or belong... So, forinstance, if they do not have a bookshelf for thier books I strive to have them go to a thriftstore to buy a bookshelf or it they need more space to hang clothing then I encourage them to clean out a closet to make more room for clothing or at times to even buy a hanging rod or even a dowel that we can have hanging from the ceiling to create more hanging space.. or like I found that my music was ending up being in piles on the floor at times so I bought me an antique looking chest for my livingroom to store my music in.. & It wasn't enough as I added onto my collection throughthe years of music books so I also bout a weaved picnic basket for my English dinning room and put even more books in it.. It is nice when homes have many built in droors, closets and cupboards.. but some don't and you need to buy them.. (Especially when we lived in Europe.. as they were charged if even a closet and kitchen cupboards were attached to a room so we had to buy them.. We still have a wardrobe from England that matches with our victorian bedroom set..
    Another important thing is to have a garbage can for every room... For some people there must be garbage cans at every reach (especially those who are more handicapped or mentally stressed)... or at times even two garbage cans... This all helps to make it easier for things to be thrown away in stead of end up on the floor somewhere.. Then another important must is to have more than one vacums.. in some cases it majorly helps to have a vacuum upstairs.. two on the main floors at depending and one in the basement.. (Seems extreme but for some people this is what is needed.. and for some the vacuum must be out in easy reach , not hidden away.. )  It is awesome to have a mud type entrance room in the back of the house with rubber wellies or boots that may get dirtier playing or working in the garden or from hiking.. and also if U are one to like kiddies and guests to take off their shoes.. then have a shoe rack at the front door.. & maybe sockets available for those who like their feet covered.. and respect when people want to keep their shoes on.. There are some that can't if they are professionals. . or maybe they are embarassed with bad smelling feet or even holes in their socks.. Or maybe their shoe souls are plenty clean.. Don't be so picky... and yet for some it may be custom or a sign of respect... Then strive to have a place where people can hang up coats.. either hooks or hangers or closets.. and then it helps when you have a buffet or library or secretary for many more odds and ends.. we have been blessed to get these furnitures (all antiques) Very very cheaply in Europe.. It makes a world of difference to have a place for everything.. and for kids coming home from school it is nice when you have a nook or shelve of some sort just for them.. maybe even with their name on it.. just 4 them..  Otherwise there is a tendency to fill up the table with books  and odds and ends..
    Then it is critical to choose certain areas (such as a kitchen table) or rooms where you vow to not put anything in or on... The dream ideal home would be to have a family room that you can be more lax at keeping clean and a livingroom that nothing else.. (except books... And no newspapers or toys or projects!!!) can be taken in it.... So you always have one area ready to greet guests or to have as a refuge from the Tornado that has run through the rest of your home.. With little ones a clean area can turn into a disaster quickly.. especially with accidents.. Never scold your child for having an accident.. lovingly teach them how to prevent it from happening again.. and let them know that everyone has accidents.. and be right by their side helping them to clean it up..)
If you have problems with kids cleaning up toys .. Here are some of my ideas.. and I'll add even more later: Have them up high where they can not get to them.. and only bring one or two out at a time and they can not play with the others until the one or two are put back up.. Now in my case I put the smaller toys with many pieces in specific buckets.. and they couldn't play with the small car bucket until they put up the block bucket.. or they couldn't play with the leggo bucket until they put up the puzzle box.. or they could not play with the marble bucket until they put up the Mr. Potatoe head bucket.. or we also had a weeble wobble bucket and you could have their house and store and barn out at the same time.. There was more.. These are just some of the ideas..... Oh and yes we had a StarWars figure bucket.. minus the guns. . with their spaceship..

When my kidies were babies and crawling I also came up with the idea of having a thin (stiffer) quilt that I would lay down in the living room (When we had no extra rec or TV or family room.. and the kids or baby could play on the large kingsized quilt.. and when someone came to the door all I had to do was pick up the corners and stash the quilt.. toys and all on top of my bed and shut my door and just like that I had an uncluttered livingroom for my guests..     These are just ideas.. but my best idea is that when you struggle to keep things clean... strive to have someone come in and help you out here and there.. at least once a week for those who really struggle to keep up house.. another best idea.. is to have a helping job for each child.. although this is not always easy to keep up... If they seem to not follow through.. figure out what is important to them like TV or going out to play or having a friend over and remind them that when they get their job done then they can have the reward or privilege of doing these things.. and remind them how important that everyone has a job for a home that they mother and father (and God) provide for them... when they or so many in the world are homeless.. and wish that they had a home to live in and care for..
These are just ideas...  Life is a roller coaster.. and there are times we are so good at keeping up with things and other times that other things take priority .. or there is illness or new babies or too many children... or there are times where depression or being extremely tired keeps us from housecleaning.. lots of reasons.. Never feel badly to ask someone for help or to hire a teen girl or professional in to help..

Things that U should teach ur children striving to tie in spiritual aspects of each subject...  for example: You could ask your children: "What are ways that we can take care of the beautiful earth that God and His Son Have created for us?"  Hopefully they will mention things like: Recycle.. Do not litter.. Clean up after yourself.. Beautify our yard..Go around picking up garbage in your community.. organize friends to help you.. or have your church help also..  Dispose of harmful things responsibly.. Strive not to use Chemicals that are harmful to the environment.. Do not damage natural habitat areas and strive to leave them as natural as you found them.. Learn to carpool or take the bus.. or ride a bike.. or live close to where you work.. or buy electric/solar cars.. Strive to heat your home and run electricity with natural sources such as solar or hydro or wind power.. You could add.. Help other to do the same.. Use prayer to ask God to help you care for the world He gave you... and so forth..
  Then go through each idea and have your children think up ways that they can implement and follow through with each idea they came up with...   Here is are some great websites to support this subject: (I'll add them later)

So this is just one aspect..  of teaching ideas that will help your children make the world a better place and that will help your children to be thoughtful and responsible.. and mature and it will automatically help them have Heavenly Father's spirit with them.. ... 

Don't live on the edge ready to fall from heaven into hell...

(Sorry this is so big.)  but I luv the point it is trying to get across!! My sister sent me this one day... and it can be so true!!! Many things that are on T.V. DVDs ( or at the movie) or with electronic gaming or on the computer are like putting us on the edge of the cliff with satan ready to push us of and bring us down.. and where Heavenly Father's spirit cannot be with us. Remember the scripture: No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon... Too many are standing on the edge of a cliff with one foot grounded on Jesus the rock of our salvation and the other foot ready to fall into satan's terrifying abys.. of eslavement and neverending sorrow and suffering.. )

(Tell of how we went about eight and a half years without the worldly world of T.V. (or DVD's ) or low standard gaming

Or... if self control can be there... pre choose  very limited, whole- some T.V. viewing only for edifying and make sure to limit it because God does not want us to be wasting our time watching T.V.... or gaming.   Most of all make sure that you are watching or playing games that Heavenly Father's spirit can be with you!!

Start very young by explaining standards that Heavenly Father wants us to have with viewing.. seeking viewing that is modest.. sexual free, violence minimal.. (Some fighting does have to be shared but chose very minimal violence and mild violence.. ) Shows that don't glorify whichand priestcraft... and magic... Shows that are not filled with degrading lowstandard joking and that are not pro degrading religion and things that are sacred..

Brother has a DVD editing machine..

I also want to tell you that I am against Cable or Dish T.V. and there is a good reason... (expound) 

     Nowadays there is so much lowstandard violence, sex, swearing or lude humor in movies that there are very few that you can have Heavenly Fathers spirit with you.. because of this my Husband and I have most always been very driven to choose movies or DVD's with Higher standards in them... Here are a list of some of the movies that I would feel good about sharing: 

      The first movie that I would like to recommend covers a most very important subject which I am going to take the time to address now... sadly nowadays it needs to be addressed with our children even at a child's level from a very young age.. especially as soon as they begin to use the computer..   The movie is called: Fireproof.. A movie that brings up the subject of overcoming pornography addiction of which the movie stays very highstandard and they don't show any pornography or even immodest women, but a very shortlived moment where you see nothing but a man at one point looking at a computer screen that U can not see... The movie has some clean fun moments, very little arguing, But what I love the most about this movie is the spiritual way that the father teaches his son to turn his heart to God and to implement acts of kindness to repair and renovate the love he has for his wife.. as no one should want their marriage or family to end in divorce, but should be striving with all of their heart, might and mind to live the gospel of Jesus Christ to maintain and sustain the love and sacredness of their holy union.. that satan and the world are so easily, with so many worldly devices are tearing down and destroying nowadays.... Young children can watch this movie if wanted but after or before you may want to have a family lesson on immodesty and pornography.. This is actually a great movie for the whole family and could be a catalyst to speak more about immodesty and pornography to your children .. here is the trailer:

      While I am at it I need to speak to you more about the spreading plague of immodesty and outright pornography that is so highly addictive and can take over the mind and soul of a person even possessing them in a devastating manner.. and so sadly so so so many victims from babies to elderly end up suffering even most horrifically because of its effects as satan takes over the mind of the perpetrator to go about even heinous undertakings at times....  and it's devastating effects on anyone are progressing into such a large scale and it has even become a worldwide overtaking that is an industry which rakes in billions of dollars.. and it is especially heartrendering when it involves little children.. who may be raped at times even over and over....
    It is amazing how satan has taken over the entertainment industry in such a short time we have gone from such a high modesty level on television into having television viewing that shows practically everything at times and that thinks nothing wrong now of showing two people naked in bed having even full fledged sex. . Movie land ofcorse has been doing this for years putting forth rated R movies... but so many more than ever before now are being produced.. and highend triple X porn movies have been thriving and growing more in popularity than ever before.. And now it seems as it only took a few years to go from fairly modest one piece swimsuits to the majority of suits being bikinis and even less than bikinis as overnight it became acceptable to even show alittle bumb into showing the full fledged bumb... and string bikinis where just small patches of a triangle are barely covering the breasts... Then over night Hollywood and pop startlets brought it into fashion to have the plunging low neck lines, even to the waist that at times expose much of the breasts... and I really feel that these beginnings were with male designers and I would bet you that at first when woman started wearing this extreme clothing that they did not have a good feeling about it ... but they had no choice as producers or their designers required it of them or they would loose their jobs.. and even singers that were once so modest all of the sudden were found wearing them... when they were once fairly modest... So now men young to very old (and women, young women and little children.. have no choice but to see these scantily clad women and you know that so many almost have no choice, but to look upon them sexually..
      Here and there I have been helping a most incredible woman, Joanne Hibbert, Hamilton along with thousands of other woman and men that support her and millions around the world even that support others who are spearheading the Godly and humane quest against pornography, immodesty  and other sexual exploitation and abuse... in the cause of keeping pornography and excessive immodesty from ourselves and our husbands, children and grandchildren and society. I have been blessed to have a husband that avoids immodest like the plague.. being so faithful to change channels when it happens or webs on the computer screen.. when he sees bikinis or low necklines... and I feel so thankful that I can trust him as I reviewed the histories on our computer one night after my teen son went to be I realized that he had ran into a porn site and my heart was so heartsick... You just never expect it to happen to your own children.. From that point on we took efforts to keep porn from our computer.. and so should you as parents...
  So sadly... It is just critical and to teach your children, even from a very young age now about not viewing pornography and to teach them about how devastating it can end up being.. It is also so critical to teach the their daughters from very young, but especially as a teenager to dress modestly so no young boy, young or old man, or teens boys should have to gaze upon them easily lured into having no choice but to thinking on them in a sexual manner.. So many young girls and adult women are taught now that it is the norm to strive to dress with the intents of appearing sexually appealing..... then there is the subject that so sadly we have to teach our children from very young even about how they need to be aware of not allowing anyone to touch their bodies in inappropriate ways and to tell if anyone does so, or sadly has gone all the way.. that even if their life is threatened in any way or even if their family is threatened  that they must tell their mother or a teacher or other peoples mother.. or even the police.. No child or teen girls or even teen boys or older adult women.. should have to live through sexual abuse!!!
Here is a website that my dear friend Joanne Hamilton has created along with all of her educated material helping to educate families and anyone concerning the harmful effects or pornography, to help those who may be addicted and to organize and inform citizens what they can peaceably do to create a pornography free from view community.. This has come into fruition for many smaller cities now.. Yours could become one.... When you enter her website I have it on the second page.. click on the home page and scroll down to the CD cover  Who will speak for the children... There you can click onto the song I wrote that is sung by Michelle Smith.. "Protect the Children".
Here is a powerfully portrayed message on how pornography can effect your life:

It is so critical to teach your children... even from fairly young, the Godly commandment and concept of keeping yourself pure and clean from sexual sin before and following marriage..  (expound more)

Sexual Sin and Christian Youth.. (A short video of keeping yourself pure from sexual sins..)
This is such a wonderfully presented and powerful video that I desire every early teen or older ones also to view .. but... as Youtube allows evil along with the goodness.. at the very end once it is over there are near porn (Scantily clad women) choices to choose next.. one of which comes over as it is going to help you overcome pornography.. Don't Believe it and don't go into it!!..  So I want you to first choose a spiritual song and listen to it.. then listen to this video hopefully with your teen.. or as an single adult... .. then once it is at the very very end (The very end is so awesome don't miss it!) immediately & quickly click on the arrow that returns you to the spiritual song that you listened to in the first place..   This can be a good practice anyway for anytime you are on youtube... as with anything good satan can take over the goodness and turn it to evil... Be prepared on the computer to get out of anything that is very immodest and especially bearly clothed.. or especially not at all.. It is critical that parents strive to have some form of computer monitoring to block out pornographic images... Total nudity can be found on the computer... Very sadly it will even pop up in the best places.. When I pulled up  free Christian images... About 50 images pulled up and as I scrolled down to choose a picture of Jesus for my web.. all of the sudden along with these religious images I ran into two images that were totally naked.. It is just sad.. So it is just critical that you have computer monitoring.. against porn.. My friend's web and book will help you and teach you and give you ideas of where to go to find monitoring help and CD Roms.. or just pull the subject up on your computer..

Letters from those who chose to break the law of Chastity.. Exhorting others to stay pure and save sexual relations for after you are married .. Sexual relations should only be kept within the sacred bonds of holy matrimony....
Here is a profound video concerning pornography and I like how it shares the contrast between the life that this man could have if he was able to stay away from the pornography in the first place.. So many times nowadays our boys from even very young are bombarded by mild pornography through the imodestly dressed woman and then into outright pornography that they can even indirectly not even pull up.. forinstance when I pulled up images of Jesus.. Ofcorse someone possessed with satan at the time had to add on a totally nude woman so on purpose good Christians would be exposed to this nudity.. and satan strikes whereever he can.. especially now at everyday pools or at the beach.. .. Mothers stress to your daughters on how they can become mild pornography when they dress scantily in Bikinis or with low plunging necklines.. It is real..

I have prayer rolls that are sent me via email... and at times there a those who request that we pray for them to overcome the terrible, enslaving, addiction of pornography... Here is my response to one of these requests:  

    I dont' know if my web can help U but here it is: ..... I do feel so sadly for ur situation... There are so many addictions... and this can be one of the worst... But through the miracle of our Savior >> U can overcome... First I would ask of you to buy the video "Fire Proof" and watch it over and over.... (order online) Then I would at this time in ur life to do something that may seem drastic to you but necessary: First: stop watching normal TV programs or movies altogether for now... and choose only spiritually uplifting ones or Christian movies... strive to Not listen to normal music only religious.. strive to only read religious material and Strive to memorize a bunch of power scriptures that can quickly be brought to ur mind.. Strive to pray often... STRIVE TO HAVE CONTROL OF UR THOUGHTS AND WHEN BAD THOUGHTS ENTER... TURN RIGHT  AROUND AND PRACTICE REPLACING THEM WITH GODLY AND CHRISTLIKE THOUGHTS... IF U HAVE TO... GET RID OF UR COMPUTER....BE SURE TO ATLEAST HAVE A FILTER OR SOMETHING THAT MAKES IT MUCH HARDER 4 U 2 ACCESS PORN.. Here is the anti porn site that might help U..  ...  This site has posted some great books and CDs .. My song Protect the Children is on there..
     . *Jesus I pray that U will protect this brother from satan at this very moment and help him to win his battle against satan and his evil influences of pornography... !!**  Remember to strive to think on a woman as being a divine daughter of heavenly father and not as a sexual object... How very very very sad it is if she has chosen to degrade and debase and deteriorate her soul before God by choosing what she is doing.. (or so many times the case can even be that she is forced or trapped into the porn world so U may be supporting to view women that are doing what they are doing against their will.. as they end up being slaves or prisoners even..) Pray for those that are producing pornography or posing for it .. that they will be able to overcome or escape this most terrible world of Satan..  Hope that especially my web can help.. If U have to... when U start to dwell on porn in ur mind or that U want to go there... wether it be by TV movie.. magazine.. books music or in real life situations... such as establishments that promote nutity or near nudity... When that thought enters repeat:  In the name of Jesus Christ... I command U to leave satan... Then strive to quickly turn ur thoughts to scriptures.. or even turn to a scripture web where U can listen to the scriptures outloud.. (or download a set on ur I pod.. or to even just set them on ur lap or in front of the computer... Have a picture of Jesus on ur computer screen saver.. When U use ur computer... first go to CBN radio and have religious music going as U use the computer.. or start thinking or singing a religious song or to hold the scriptures... Some times when I have troubling days or I feel as satan is hovering over... I say this and then I will pray and pray.. and I will even go to bed holding my Bible on my chest... and I sleep better.. 

Here are some more videos that let U know that if U patronize pornography that chances are that U are supporting many who do not want to be in this situation or that are being forced or even that are caught up in the slave porn ring.... Though things may seem as these people are there because they want to be... Most are not.. and some are even caught up in slavery porn/prostitution rings...

Great talk on the addictive enslaving powers of pornography...

Here is a moving poem by a young woman who is trying to make a difference... It is so sad how far this billion dollar industry has gone... So many sold or told lies or stolen... What if it were U or ur child or ur friend or ur sister... U would try to do something about it.. 

 Here is my list of meaningful movies with high standards and a spiritual side to them..

   There are several series that I have loved.... One is "Love Comes Softly" Series.. (Created and produced by Michael Landon's son.. *Michael Landon was producer of "Little House on the Prairie" and "Highway to Heaven" Series.. He was an awesome man... His awesome son is following in his father's footsteps!)
  Which brings me to add on the "Little House on the Prairie" and "Highway to Heaven" Series which has such a strong spiritual side and so many Christlike lessons... to my movie or DVD list of great spiritual viewing..

And "Little House on the Prairie brings me to recommend the "Road to Avonlea" , "Return to Avonlea", "Anne of Avonlea" and "Anne of Green Gable" series... (There is also the awesome cartoon version.) which has very few spiritual scenes but has wonderful life lessons... and shares alot about Christlike love.. and how you should and shouldn't be treating others.. It is very inspirational and fun loving.. The last series.. makes you wonder.. what you would be willing to go through to save the one that you love.. (Your sweetheart and spouse..)..

Another movie I would recommend would be "Heidie": either the old version or the new Disney one... although they both have a religious side to them I think the old version has more of of one. I Wish that they would come up with a '"Heidie" Series creating several more sequels..  Here is the old Shirley Temple version.. which brings me to mention also to enjoy watching all of the Shirley Temple movies... She was such an incredible actor and performer.. Many great life lessons were in her movies..
Here is the newer Disney version:

I love the movie "Pollyanna" and here attitude of Gratitude... I made up the word "Gladitude" in my song: Make the World a Happy, Brighter Place.. Here is the old version that I love ..
I didn't realize they had a new version out... Here is the newer version, Part one:

The newer three part series: (See this one first) "Mandie and the Secret Tunnel" and "Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure"  and "Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas" which both have a spiritual side here and there to them... and great life lessons.. . Here is a Trailer to the secret Tunnel one..

A great channel to find quality movies with family standards and life lessons is: The Hallmark Channel

Here is a cute movie called "The Secret Life of Bees"...

"Brother Bear" has many profound lessons and rather a spiritual side to it.. as Does another Dysney cartoon: "Pocahontas" and another is "  

Many times throughout the cartoon/movie... "The Prince of Egypt" you feel the awesome spirit of God very powerfully.. It teaches many wonderful things.. Strive to read the story of the Moses and the Isrealites first in the Bible: .

Then another classic on the same subject is "The Ten Commandments" 
It is glamorized by Hollywood here and there.. but most of it is done at an incredible scale and many times the spirit of God is with it... Many lifes lesson and especially one.. to put your trust in God and serve Him and have no other Gods before you..

Another PG-13 movie that I would recommend that actually should have been just PG.. and that is great for boys is: "Forever Strong"  It is about a Rugby player that chooses to hang out with friends that party and drink and end up bringing him down... but then one coach gives him a second chance ... and he ends up changing his life back for the better.. there are a couple of spiritual parts that I really like......

and a similar movie is: "The Blind Side".. Which has very high standards in it..

This is more of a movie for maybe 10 and over... It is especially good for your teens to watch with you..  It does address the idea of alcoholism.. and the pains of divorce... but it ends up being one of those feel good movies that you are glad that you saw.. and it helps you and your kids to understand alcoholism also.. (It doesn't dwell on the bad scenes long.. and they arent' too severe.. )  "A letter to Dad"...

Here is a movie I have not seen yet, but would like to.. "The Tree of Life"..

Here is a great movie for the whole family to watch.. This family that is living way beyond their means choosing to put the things of the world before God.. all of the sudden meets the natural consequences of their worldly choices.. and end up being humbled by their downfall.. turning their hearts back to seeking the kingdom of God first in their lives.  Great movie for the whole family to learn by: "Stand Strong"..

"Turnaround" is another great movie for teens and the whole family:

As a colleague of a Baptist College from the 1800's is transported into our future.. He becomes thrust into our modern day filled with lower standards and many who do not revere the teachings and commandments of God.. and His Son Jesus.. This is a Christian movie the whole family can watch.. and learn from.. "The Time Changer".

I would recommend that if you can read this book first it is a most wonderful, heartmoving book.. especially the surprize ending.. It is a real life story that really took place.. The woman that it happened to was best friends to one of the women in our congregation..  Though not for children probably under eight maybe.. There are such wonderful lessons to be learned throughout this movie: "The Hiding Place: The story of Corrie Ten Boone"

Amish Grace
is a moving movie about forgiveness... Based on the true story ...

This was a great movie about how everything comes at the same time and puts this "One Good Man" on overload... Find out how he handles it all.. It has a lighthearted side and yet a profound side with lots of mini life lessons..

Class of 91
is a fun Christian light hearted comedy.. What happens when a well to do family that just turned their hearts over to Jesus and then the father of the house looses his job.. and his son strives to have him turn to God.. but in the end he finds out that God has other plans for him:

Another one of my Favorites is the story of a Farmer's trials with living in South Africa.. When his families life was in jeopardy he had to relocate.. and start all over.. Learn of the incredible faith this man had through the many trials that he endured.. "Faith and Potatoes"

Courageous is a great movie about a police officer and his family struggles and then a tragedy happens... and watch the movie and find out.. God gives us tragedies at times so we can grow..

Another very moving, powerful movie is " Amazing Grace" Which tells the story behind the song... Here is the trailer: This movie is PG-13 so do not have children over 13 watch it.. but it has such a powerful message.. and such a spiritual side that I know God's spirit can still be with you.. The bad parts are when they show portions of inhumanity to the black slaves, though it is very short lived ..

A belief of a religious group group from Wales.. devastates the one person chosen to become "The Sin Eater"  ... For only a short time.. the first of this movie seems as you are going to be watching a scary Halloween movie .. but the more you get into it the better it becomes as a preacher from another religion strives to teach these people of the lie of the sineater.. My friends son was one of the indians in this movie.. Though I feel it is not for very young children..( Maybe kids over eight and above (depending) .. This can be a great movie for most of the family to watch together..  As they learn that the only one that can take upon Him our sins.. is our Savior, Jesus Christ...

Here is a very moving movie that depicts the trek of the Mormon pioneers as they cross the plains.. God was with them through their trials.. This one is called: "17 Miracles"

A Second Chance with your first love that changed her life and came to know Christ Jesus.. "No Greater Love"

Here is the true story of an LDS missionary that was called to serve on the Isles of Tonga..  a humorous, yet deeply spiritual story about God being there for you when you need Him most.. and miracles that you will never 4get..  "The Other Side of Heaven"..

"Midway to Heaven" is a story about a second chance at love after the death of a dearly loved wife:

Another movie that I have not seen but several people have recommended (Which can be scary if it is PG-13 as it may end up with lower standards than I like..) is "The pursuit of Happiness".. But it does sound like a good movie and inspirational & it discusses a subject that is happening to more and more good people and even you could within a couple months time be in such a situation.. Homeless without a job.. This should be a good movie to learn from and to grow to have empathy for those who are without a job... and homeless.. It could be U one day.. Turn around and help those jobless & homeless..

Here is a movie classic that no Christians should miss.. The moving true story of a very special woman who... wanted to become a nun... but the Lord had other ideas for her life.. 
"The Sound of Music"

Another movie that seems a bit sacreligous at first and for a good reason... is Sister Act... as it shows how this worldly sister unexpectedly is the witness to a murder.. so the police strive to help her be protected by sending her to a convent of Catholic Nuns.. This movie has its ruff spots but it has some fun humor and a wonderful twist as this woman once more turns her life back to God.. as she gives the Catholic sisters a little Baptist spirit in their sedate struggling choir..

At first when this homeless stranger comes to town asking for help and a job.. Everyone sends him off... but then he asks the question: "What Would Jesus Do?" and the town begins to think more like Jesus... This is a question we should ask ourselves in many situations throughout our whole life... (I many times give people ride.. some of them have been homeless.. I will give them a list of places that can help them in many ways.. including employment.. because most are looking for a job.. I stop them by the city shelter if wanted.. A few times I have taken them home with me.. I have ran into some very dear, special people.. I love to take things down to our cities homeless shelter and sometimes I go down there and fiddle around for them.. They really love that.. One time I took them a bunch of donuts left over from the wedding reception and several other times my sons and I would pass out fresh fruit or sweet corn to them in the park.. It is so good to involve your children in helping others.. .. It is so so sad if a city doesn't have somekind of shelter for the homeless!. One day it could be your family or children that are in need of one... So sadly the homeless are growing throughout all of America.. and the world.. Find ways to help them and support charities or shelters or organizations that do..Here is a very sad news cast about the rising plight of the homeless in the U.S.  even college graduates that cannot find a job....
    Everyday and hour.. thank God that you have a roof over your head and food  and especially a job if you have one of those.. There are many reasons why one may be homeless.. Do not prejudge.. Think of ways to help!! There are many religions and secular organizations and government that strive to help.. We are very blessed in our religion to have so much financial support if things go wrong.. but there are many outside of religions that do not help.. when they could... This may be the perfect  time to help where possible and maybe even take a homeless person or even a family.. as sadly whole families are going homeless.. into your home and heart.. following the Holy Spirit to do so and being very careful.. He will let you know when not to.. (or when not to give someone a ride also.) or you can "adopt" a homeless person and have him stay at the shelters but assist him in following through with job searching and with finding housing once he gets a job.. and offer to take him to church with him.. or share small religious Bible and books a small picture that he can easily carry with him to read and turn his heart to God and His Son.. if he is already religious or not.. Maybe you would be in a position to hire someone in your company or to hire a homeless person for yard work or fixit work outside of your home.. (Don't let the Smart family's incidence scare you to never hire those who are homeless or out of prison.. Follow the promptings of that God sends you in these situations..) Also be sure to teach your children and educate them about ways to care for themselves and places they can go and things they can to if they become homeless or ways that they can prevent themselves from becoming homeless.. or how to not live at such a high level where you are not able to financial afford everything.. These are all very important things to teach your children.. Make sure they watch this and realize how important education is... or where they need to go to school in areas where there are more jobs verses choosing a degree where there is not enough jobs for that degree.. and so forth.. We are blessed to have such a wonderful welfare plan in our religion.. more and more are following our example.  Here is the trailer to the Movie:."What Would Jesus Do"
Here is a song I love along with a great video.. God needs us to be His hands to help others.. and the chances are that one day we could be as one of these homeless.. Have compassion and a heart to give and help.. "And the Lord said: "Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of the least of these my brethern, ye did it unto me."

This is a movie about how the daughter of a preacher ends up going down the wrong road... but soon after she realizes how true her father is and all that he teaches and stands for... Don't miss this great Baptist movie: "The Preacher's Daughter"..

One fun movie with an several awesome life lessons is a LDS based movie with a fun twist: Baptists at our Barbecue.. No matter what religion you are you will get a kick out of this one..

Another fun yet inspirational LDS/Baptist one that any religion will get a kickout of is: Suits on the Loose:

Another movie that I haven't seen.. but want to is Thank Heaven: I looks like a fun high standard movie:

and another one I haven't seen and it is PG-13 so let me know if it is not a good one to enter.. the movie: HereAfter:

This fun movie ends up being sad yet so sweet: Charly:

The Perfect Game is based on a true inspirational story of a professional baseball player that took a group of poor boys from Mexico and turned them into champs while finding God along the way:

A Walk in My Shoes seems like a great movie that I want to see..

Another great Christian movie is What if? A rich man that didn't realize what he was missing until.....

A moving true documentary was made of the true story of a most incredible Christlike forgiveness following a terrible tragedy:  "The Heart of Texas"..

Another moving true documentary.. which is probably more for children 13 and older is.. Pray the Devil Back to Hell... The story of how thousands of women of all religions came together to protest for peace in their violent society where at very young ages  their sons were being given guns to fight. ... so they were protesting for this to stop and for the violence.. and  killing to stop..

And though it is a very rare occasion that I would ever recommend a PG-13 movie due to usually having excessive violence, sexual scenes or degrading sexual innuendos.. or excessive swearing.. I am going to recommend this Robin Williams movie to you: It has no sexual or violent scenes.. The worst thing it has is swearing here and there and a dark side as they travel into hell.. and it delves a little into mental issues.. When his wife looses her children and her husband to a car crash.. so her husband comes to save her after she comitts suicide ... and is stuck in hell.... It is not for young children to see and you may want to view it first before deciding which of your children may be prepared to see it.. I definitely wanted my older teens to view it.. . It just gives you an idea of what portions of heaven and hell may be like and of how important love is between a husband and wife and our children..
     Though I don't agree with some of the concepts or theology of this movie especially not the very last two sentences of the ending where they decide to be "reincarnated" of which I don't believe in..( I instead believe that our spirits were allowed to visit and be with and maybe even help others at their time on earth from the past so we have some of those memories stored with our souls and certain people or pets as they were with us as we visited those of the past. In fact I had an experience where my spirit remembered where my spirit visited and was helping an ancestor of my past.. It makes so  much sense that we may be there at times to help our ancestors of past in their lives.. believe what you want to .. but after this dream I truly believe it... and I truly believe that there are times that our ancestors from past and family from the future (ofcorse all in spirit form.. are helping us in our lives.. through God's direction..)  and though the the worst part of it is the occasional swearing.. and the there is a dark side as they visit hell.. where he goes to save his wife...  It does deal some with the idea of mental issues... and near the end it takes you over to hell and the dark side ... but in the end... he saves her from satan's hell.. a very moving movie of the power of God and love... The biggest thing I don't like about it is it has more swearing in it than I usually put up with... So sadly.. You can even catch a swearword or two in even G movies here and there but swearing, especially the Lord's name in vain is something that I just don't put up with.. but after you see this movie you will begin to realize why I recommended it to you...   I want to also recommend the movie for 13 on up only as it is probably the only Pg13 movie that I will recommend: "What Dreams May Come" which stars Robin Williams..

and this one you may want to watch first and then decide if you want your teens to watch it: To Save a life:

I luv to pull up: we as adults should most times choose a kid level because it manytimes has higher standards..).... which gives reviews of what bad things are in each movie..  It is my favorite movie review sight... (U do have a monthly premium to pay.. So I will search for a good Christian review one that you don't have to pay for.) I would just say to stay away from PG 13 movies as well of Rated R.. but there may be a few PG. 13 movies that heavenly Father's spirit can be with them.. and that there message is lifechanging.. (for the better) Where ever there is too much violence and sexuality.. God cannot be there..  (or constant lude low standard joking and immodest dress..)  Just ask yourself if you would feel comfortable if Jesus were there watching the movie with you... Or is this a movie that God would want me to watch....
Some movies can start out ruff but then they will show the change in the persons life after they turned their hearts to God.. I am thankful at least that most movies are still portraying the idea of good fighting against evil... and good wins in the end.. but sadly many times they feel the movie with too much evil and too much violence.. so it turns the movie into an unhealthy movie mentally, physically and spiritually.. *and nowadays you have to be careful for the sound system being too loud which is not just harmful to your hearing but your mind, nervous system and body as well.. There really should be more sound ordinances and restrictions to safeguard ones hearing and health.. The four times that we visited Switzerland I noticed that they were very aware of that and had noise ordinances.. and it was a good thing.) . 

I'm still adding to this para...

Here are even more movies that I have to add to my list... Christians have been coming up with more and more movies than ever before that have a spiritual side plus I have found some great oldies that I have also 4got to add that all have a great spiritual side or heavenly feelings..:

The Secrets of Johnathan Sperry: 

At Jesus' Side: (This one is animated)  Pilgrim's Progress: Journey to Heaven  Heidi  (1993 version.. I also love the Shirley Temple version)

Though None Go With Me

The Second Chance

I am going to have this paragraph dedicated to Christmas movies and videos:

The Nativity is a wonderfully made movie that everyone should have in their home:

Here a portion of it is put to the beautiful song: Breath of Heaven...  I love these living scripture cartoons... with music by Lex De Azvedo... an incredible composer..

The joys of quality, uplifting, wholesome and spiritual reading... Starting when an infant...
"Baby can read series".... During some summer evenings I would take my kids out on the porch at night and have they take their sleeping bag and I would read a great book to them (It most always had a spiritual side to it.).. even up til the time they were in ninth grade... They seemed to get to busy with their own thing in High School...  but it set a wonderful basis for loving and enjoying reading.. I have one friend that from very young she set aside an hour each evening where every family member including her husband at times would all gather to read a book of their choice.. or there were times they all read the same book with reading one at a time..  another great thing about this family is that TV was only to watched on the weekends..  Her kids are all smarties and so awesome!! All eleven of them!!! Many families that are really smart and close .. watch none or very little T.V.. and do spend more time reading ... I know that when we went eight years without T.V. we read alot more and it was so much better for us.. plus we spent alot more times together doing quality things and fun things and more conversation!! & music practice..   But alot of reading develops brainy kids and is so important to all areas of education and life.... Read .. Read ... Read... (Especially read the word of God together with your family..)

(I want to eventually add some great books to read to your children..)

My children bring me joy! (Scriptures about children then share uplifting, inspiring, thoughtful, spiritual, courageous, giving, times of sacrificing and doing without, or over coming trials, fun or funny times.)

The limitless capabilities of the human brain.... We are created by God ... in His image.. REmember that your son and daughters are divine spirit creations of our Heavenly Father and Mother..
                        Still working on this para..

 Examples of some inspiring, spiritual families: The Duggars: 19 and counting: Here are two of their websites:       also here is an interview they have with CBN:

The Wally and Barbara Blackhurst family (my personal great friends) that have 12 children, Wayne Dyer's family... The Dallin Oaks family... or Nielsen family.. or the Smart family... and their incredible daughter Elizabeth Smart and the Pat Robinson family or The Billy Graham family also and in the future I will write more on all of them and email me if you have more families to add.. and I just might add them also.. I hope they can be from all different religions..  .. or

Still working on this para..

New paragraph

This letter is very precious to our family..  It is a mothers plea to hear children.. It was dated, October 1876, and was written  in Norwegian by my Great, Great, Great, Grandmother Henrietta Birgithe, (Fageland) Eriksen who lived in Sandefjord, Vestfeld, Norway and married Ottinius, Cornelius, Ericksen.  It was written to her two oldest boys, Anders and Gustav, who were leaving to live with relatives in America, she knew she may never see them again as she was very frail and often ill.  She passed away giving birth to her last child, Henry Fagelund, on 20 Feb. 1878, about a year and a half later.  Poor Ottinius was so devastated at his wife’s passing that he entered into a severe depression and began to heavily drink and he could no longer care for his children or his thriving business and the remaining children had to be put under the care of extended family.  They owned a large hotel by the seaside at Oslo (Also a very large schooner, that dad has a picture of and a smithy shop, from which I have tools from.) They took in many and enjoyed entertaining, everyone loved them. Henrietta was a very good violinist and sometimes toured Norway and other countries playing her violin.  It is recorded that she owned a Stradivarius which Anders took with him to America, but upon coming down with pneumonia and having to go to the hospital, his precious violin, which he kept under his pillow, was stolen as he was in a deep sleep (He may have been drugged up to have such a thing happen.?).  Anyway, the boys were sent to be cared for by their Uncle and Aunt in America, and they both followed after their mother’s wish to stay close to the Lord and they were very active in their religions and both played musical instruments.  We are so blessed to have many very religious ancestors that served and loved God and strove to live a Christlike life. Oh, that we could continue on with the heritage that they left us and desired of us.  
(The same letter, wish and words would be given to her grandchildren and their grandchildren and their grandchildren (Us) and to our children and grandchildren and to all of her posterity.) 
(This is the English translation, Dad has the Norwegian original)
To my innermost, dear boys: Anders and Gustav:

     Grandfather has suggested that we  should take a picture of you and put it away as a memory of the time you were by him and went to school in Fredrikskald.  He wanted the envelope, which contains these, your portraits, first to be opened in many years, but if this be the case both grandfather and I are then presumably laying in our graves, therefore I will now, while the Lord is granting me the day of life place a little letter in it to you, my precious children and in love remind you of these words from the Holy Scriptures of which I was reminded myself today in Sandeherred’s church:  For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of the field, and the grass withered, and the flower thereof falleth away, but the word of the Lord endureth. (1 Peter: 1:24)  This is a true picture of man’s life (That we will pass away) and ought to awaken us all to contemplation and prayer to our Heavenly Father, that He for the sake of His Son will save our life from godlessness, hollowness, and emptiness, but that He will send us His Holy Spirit, which will quicken us to do God’s will and walk in His service (during) those years the Lord is giving us down here. 
     Oh, my dear, dear children, walk in the Spirit of the Lord and do not fulfill the desire of the flesh; because you know: the flesh desireth against the Spirit, but in the word of God it is written that they shall come forth, those who have done good to the resurrection of life, but those who have done evil to the resurrection of judgment.  Oh, that you may be among those who have done good to the resurrection of life, that the Lord in His grace will guide you on the right ways.  If you when you read these lines already should have gone away from our Father’s House and seek your joy in the passing things of this world: Oh, may you (then) turn right to your Heavenly Father.  We know then from His precious words that He wills no sinner’s death, but that he shall repent and live.  Do not live a godless life… this you would bitterly regret, if not before (on earth), then on the day of your death, then you would forever be separated from everything good by that you forever would be separated from God, who is the greatest gift and the essential salvation and who alone can satisfy the yearning of our soul.  Your younger siblings: Riborg and little Thode I recommend to your loving care when I pass. Oh! That I once before the throne of the Lord may have a good meeting, rather, reunion, with all those the Lord gave me down here.  Give God that I never through contemptuous words or example should be the cause of your perdition, but that the Lord in His grace will add His blessing to mine, so you early on would learn to choose for you, Him, to serve Him all your life and flee from evil and do the good deeds.  Yes, my children, stay in the Lord, that when He is revealed…. You then could be revealed to live with Him in the glorious kingdom.  (A few more unreadable words.)                                                                                                   .                                
          Never forget me and my love for you.   Your mother, Henrietta

      These boys went on to be fine young men.. The one remained very active in his religion and was majorly involved in music, and he played the violin and piano and organ..

Didn't really know where to put this but I wanted to add a section that reminded our children and everyone about the sacrifices that parents make for their children...  and there are so many times that children may not always realize it or even appreciate them until they are one day older.. more mature and parents themselves.. or going through hardships.. I helped my mother alot when I was growing up.. but it wasn't until after I had children of my own and especially after she died, when I ended up having my fourthand fifth child so close and the other three teens that gave my hard times here and there.. that I would realize just what a sacrifice she made or feel an inkling of what she must have gone through to serve my father.. and all nine of us children..  and there were times I would be scrubbing a floor or doing the dishes or washing a wall or pulling out laundry.. that I seemed on overload raising my five kiddies when they were all home.. (Even though the older three helped here and there.. with the two.. younger siblings where there was almost 10  years difference between the older three and the younger two.. that almost seemed like twins..)   Anyway some days it seemed overwhelming and I would be cleaning up after a child who was sick or one day and night within a 24 hour period all five of my children were sick with the flu and took times throwing up here and there.. and my husband and I were up most of the night.. and the next day I did about four loads of washing.. .. or even on days when I am continually jumping from one thing after another and am so tired and exhausted .. (also to help my handicapped husband) and I would all of the sudden burst out crying with the thought of all of the selfless acts of service that my dear angel mom performed for us as children and teens. .. (Even though we helped here and there she still had such a heavy load many times.. For a two year period... all 11 of us were at home!!).. and I just can't even fathom what all she endured at times.. and I would cry and get down on my knees and ask God to send a message to my angel mother.. to tell her how thankful I was for all she did for me and my brothers and sisters.. and father and to tell her how sorry I was for times I failed to say thank you... or appreciate simple wonderful everyday things she would do for me or my siblings..(father too).. We just don't know unless we are in the body and mind of our parents how much they actually endured..   I was so blessed to have incredible parents that (though they were not perfect) sacrificed so so many times in many ways to go the extra mile to enrich, teach life's lessons, educational lessons, social lessons, lessons of kindness and serving others.. lessons on how to care for and provide for a family ... lessons on how to relax and enjoy the beauties of nature and to acknowledge that God & His Son created this beautiful & incredible earth... but most of all to give us spiritual lessons, support, but most of all love and care for all nine of us children... Thank you God for such a precious gift!!!

Here is a Tribute to my angel mother who died too early in life at the age 63 of cancer.. And who was the incredible mother of nine children… She was blessed to raise all nine of us!! She was an angel while living and an angel after her passing.. She had many Christlike attributes .. That very few women in life have as many as her.. Truly I know that she is with Jesus in paradise..

My Angel Mother:
 by her daughter NolaMae

A mother the Lord has given me…
to help me through this life you see..

She’s been there through my joys and strife..
While I am in my earthly life..

She freely gave with all her heart…
Her time and talents she did impart..

She taught me lessons of endless worth..
Of  love, of wisdom.. Of spiritual birth…

She taught me her talents of knitting, of cooking..
Of  gardening, of canning, of stitchery hooking..

She taught me to create, and do with what I had..
Turning old things into new.. Making happy out of sad..

She taught me to to befriend all.. To love life and to smile..
To do your very best and to go the extra mile..

She taught me great lessons of endless giving..
Service to others was her daily living..

She taught me to follow the Lord up above..
To live his gospel with joy and with love..

But the greatest lesson that she ever taught..
Was that of enduring the trials she faught..

With neverending laundry, cooking and dishes..
She ever served her family and put aside her wishes..

Through each child’s joy and each child’s fear..
She pressed ever forward year after year…

She never gave up, but was always close by..
Cheering us on or crying with our cry..

And then her final cross (cancer) she bravely endured..
And finished her mission.. Her calling ensured..

And now has come that glorious day..
The Lord will hold her close and say..

“Enter My kingdom.. Your loved ones are here..
Those whom you’ve cherished and held ever dear..”
And He’ll give her a hug and hold her ever near…

A mansion stands waiting for this heavenly queen..
A palace that earthlife has never once seen…

And so my dear mother.. I’ll say goodbye..
I’ll miss you so.. And some days I’ll cry..

But deep within my sad soul rejoices..
“Families are forever!” Speak heavenly voices..

So my dear eternal mother.. I want to let you know..
A part of you is with me.. I’ll always love you so..

And soon enough the day will come .. That we will meet each other..
And I will greet you with a hug.. My dear forever mother..

Love always and forever.. Your daughter NolaMae… XOXOXOXOXOXO (HUGS&KISSES)

My mom visited me one day after her death so I know that spirits from this life are allowed to visit us here and there..  
      I greatly mourned at my mothers passing.. so many times I would just start crying, almost screaming as some Polynesians do..outloudly from the bottom of my heart.. it hurt so badly to loose her (I was blessed to live with daddy and mom the five months when she was enduring her cancer because we were in transition to retiring from the Airforce and trying to find a home by our parents.. She became bedridden and paralyzed from the waste down as cancer was working it's way up her spine and throughout her body. The blessing was is that it paralyzed her from the waste down so she felt no pain in that area where her kidneys were being engulfed with cancer..It was truly a blessing sent from God..)  My mother was an angel on earth .. she was above other woman and one of those women that could speak no guile of others.. and was such an incredible woman with many Christlike attributes.. I will never be at the high level that she was.. Many sisters that I run into from our church still go on and on about the goodness of my mother when they meet me..
 So one day about three months after she passed I was looking down at my 10th month old and he had done something really funny and it made me laugh.. and all of the sudden I was shocked to hear laughing behind me and I turned expecting to find someone that had broken into our home.. as the older kids were in school and my husband at work and I was all alone with little Ben at the time.. and I jerked around in fear almost.. but then I saw the silhouette of my angel mother.. and I was overcome with such heavenly emotions and emotions of deep love that I had for my mother.. and started crying telling her of how much I missed her and loved her and she spoke to me sending thoughts in my mind.. as she said.. Don't be sad.. be happy.. I get be with Jesus now.. and more than ever before I get to be in the lives of my children and help them.. (Now my family so many times was all over America.. So when on earth.. much travel had to take place to see them and it was at times spread out and far between that she would get to see us... so I understood what she would say.. My two sisters also were so blessed to have spiritual similar experiences and even dreams with my dear mother.. It is all true..)  So she told me that she loved me and not to grieve so much but be happy for her.. and I felt such an incredible heavenly love that was so much greater than any here on earth.. and I told her that I love her dearly and then instantly her spirit left me.. and I cried and cried ..yet was so happy and after that time I stopped grieving so terribly as I did before... and so many more times I would tell God to send my momma special messages  and love..  (Following my mothers death.. My sisters Afton, Earlene and I all had very similar dreams where momma came to us with a spirit child by her side telling us that this child was to be born into our family.. .. and soon enough after, we all became pregnant fairly close to each other and sure enough we all had a boy spirit that was introduced to each of us in our dream.. These three cousins are great friends and play together often.. ) 

I've also been so blessed with an awesome father that is still living:
Here is a special poem that I wrote one Father's Day when my father was about 65:
   (He had his imperfections.. but was so awesome in so many ways.. (Much like every dad I know) I have been so blessed to have him as a father!!!

My Daddy You've Taught Me: A tribute to my father that isn't always perfect.. yet is most awesome father in so many ways.. ..
My daddy you've taught me many things, To love the beauty that nature brings:

The towering mountains standing bold....through summer's heat and winter's cold...
With pine trees pointing to endless sky... dotted with cotton-white clouds rolling by....
With flowers that sprinkle the meadow so green, with deep blues & crimson& yellow's bright sheen
With sparkling waters so crystal clear.... all nature sings out that God was here....

My daddy you've taught me many things.... To love the beauty that knowledge brings:

To never stop learning, but ever press on... from morn until eve'n til each day is gone...
To share what I've learned everyday with another....taking his hand I'll reach out to my brother....
That all of the knowledge in this life I gain.... will be with me forever and always remain....
For I'm on the path to become more like God .. and with every step I’ll hold firm to the rod...

My daddy you've taught me many things....To love the beauty that music brings...

From heavenly choirs of sacred hymn... I find my soul buoyed up from sin...
From frolicking symphony's happy sound... I lift low spirits high off the ground...
From marching bands with freedom's song... my love of country grows ever strong...
And from the strings of my own violin... I bring joy to others felt deeply within....

My daddy you've taught me many things... To love the beauty the gospel brings...

To love the Lord with all of my heart.... to those in need I should impart...
To live the commandments and follow each one.... pay tithing and whisper "Thy will be done."
To read the scriptures day and night .... to pray to the Lord with all of my might....
To redeem our loved ones from days of yor, with genealogy and temple work you opened their door

My daddy you've tight me many things... to love the beauty a family brings:

A mother, a father, ever working together.. through hard times and happy, your ties never sever…
Through each child's joy and each child's fear... you pressed ever onward year after year...
You never gave up ... you were always close by.. cheering us on or crying with our cry...
How I love you my daddy and pray that you'll be... with me forever and our family!!
                                  Love always and forever... your daughter NolaMae..

  I want to start with sharing this precious true story.. that happened following the Japan quake.. Truly a most precious sacrifice a mother gave to her baby.. and I feel that it was the mother's spirit that prompted the man to return to the site... Read on:!/photo.php?fbid=236155726432400&set=a.138846559496651.24896.138844132830227&type=1&theater

My parents had this poem posted on the cupboard above our fridge..

If a child lives with criticism,
He learns to condemn.
If a child lives with hostility,
He learns to fight.
If a child lives with ridicule,
He learns to be shy.
If a child lives with jealousy,
He learns to feel guilty.
If a child lives with tolerance,
He learns to be patient.
If a child lives with encouragement,
He learns to appreciate.
If a child lives with praise,
He learns to appreciate.
If a child lives with fairness,
He learns justice.
If a child lives with security,
He learns to have faith.
If a child lives with approval,
He learns to like himself.
If a child lives with acceptance and friendship,
He learns to find life in the world.

Here is another one that was posted in a company:

If a child grows up in an environment of criticism, the child will learn to criticize.
If a child grows up in an environment of hate, the child will learn to fight.
If a child grows up in an environment of shame, the child will learn to feel guilty
If a child grows up in a praising environment, the child will learn to appreciate.
If a child grows up in an encouraging environment, the child will learn to be confident.
If a child grows up in an environment of understanding, the child will learn to be patient.
If a child grows up in a just environment, the child will learn to be fair.
If a child grows up in a secure environment, the child will learn to trust.
If a child grows up in an approving environment, the child will develop self-esteem.
If a child grows up in an environment of acceptance and friendship, the child will learn to find love in people....

Sweet children that have God with them.....

Here is a song that all children should learn to sing to their parents and to remind them and their parents of who they are and the responsibility that we as parents have in rasing our children so they can return back to our Father in Heaven one day: It is by Naomi Ward Randall: I Am A Child of God..


Here is another sweet song for children and parents: Teach Me to Walk In the Light of His Love

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