I have always had a very religious side to my violin teaching & I also have came up with my own method that seems to really work to give a great foundation of notes while working on the development of ear training.. Though I revere many things about the Suzuki Method... I have just found that it just does not work for certain students.. Some students really struggle to learn anything by ear & others do great by ear but struggle with retaining and reading notes..  So I do the flipflop of Suzuki and have created a wonderful way for even two year olds to start immediately on notes and to more eazily remember them, then I proceed to work towards them developing their memory and ear training.. (I find also that if ear training comes first there are too many times that the student desires to ignore the notes and strives to just perform the song by ear (for those who can) and then they become poor note readers striving to learn a piece by ear  This is on the cover of my violin book:                    and memory alone
    Pic:     For me it is critical that they develop all three capabilities from the very beginning.. but I feel as note reading is first critical.. I also make it much easier & faster to grasp and immediately begin to play songs even at the first lesson at times.. )
     I am a unique teacher because I center learning the violin with prayer & religious songs.. .. After the basic notes are learned & embedded in the mind then I will delve more into ear training, memorization, with a variety of music: fiddling American & Celtic, Bluegrass, a little jazz, oldies, modern & encourage them to write their own music.. & of corse  classical music.. but I always strive to have my students learn and keep up religious music which they have all seemed to enjoy.. I have taught students from a variety of religions.. Though mostly Christian.. I also ask the parents if they can come up with ideas of songs from their religion that they can learn from.. So when I have my religious program every Easter we have a wonderful variety of music..
    And I have never put on recitals where the students take turns playing one piece after another but I put on programs and at times even skits or musicals or themes... Such as my Music Around the World Programs or "A Night at the Movies"  and all of my programs of course have a strong religious backround.. or are many times totally religious and we perform them on Sunday... and have had many guest artists invited to perform with us..

(Tell them of your beginning book which along with learning all of the notes is supported by many religious favorites from many Christian religions.. )

      I would like to share the account with you of how God helped me purchase a professional level violin at a time we were struggling financially:.. I am at a higher end level with my violin abilities and I depend on my violin to supplement our income at times... Especially during the times that my husband was inbetween jobs when he could no longer work due to his back.. (The last few years we have been blessed to receive disability.. but before this time we went through three years of financial struggle where he could no longer work and where we were striving to obtain SocialSecurity Disability.. We were dependent on my violin lessons and performing at special events for supplement income to our $800 military retirement.. It was during this time that my good violin that I had had for many years was accidentally ruined as my tall teen leaped down the stairs as he usually does, jumping over several steps.. and ended up landing right on my precious violin... ( I was sitting at the bottom with my violin to the side of me as I spoke on the phone and a coat was down from the hooks and my son could not see my violin because it obstructed his view of it...) It sustained two large cracks and the tone quality became very poor.. (The coat did save it from being in a hundred pieces!) Because I had no other violin I had no choice but to play it and my friend that was a professional soloist gave me some lessons and played along with me ... He commented that I deserve a better quality violin for how well I played and he said that he had just the violin for me from his collection that has a thinner neck to accommodate my smaller hand.. and that his German friend, who had played in the L.A. Symphony requested that it be left with someone that would appreciate it and use it and that he did not want it just sitting in his collection... and he said because he was my friend he was willing to sell it to me for the price that he purchased it from his German friend a few years ago... (Half the price that it was appraised for when we went to have the post repositioned.. He was very kind and generous to let it go at such a sacrifice...).. I reminded him that my husband was not working at this time so there would be no way that we could come up with that kind of money.. (And going in debt was not an option at such a time of financial crisis.).  That night I remember going to bed crying... wishing I had the means to buy me a new violin... and about two nights later I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go in the other room and read and I began to read a faith promoting account of someone that needed something and they asked God to help them get it and God sent it their way via someone else.. and it also reminded me of a dear friend I had in England that was a recent convert to Christianity and she was a great pianist and she told of how she and her husband were always struggling and said that they were never able to afford a piano.. especially after the children started coming and when she joined the church she began to pray to God to help her get a piano and lo and behold.. God answered her prayers.. and one woman in our congregation said that her children no longer play her piano... and she would love it if this sister would have it and use it... God provided.. So I then began to cry.... thinking of how much I needed a quality violin.. and not just quality but a more professional level violin.. and as I was crying filled with despair that I would never be able to get one God whispered in my mind: "Nola.. if you have faith and believe that I can get you this violin (One I had in mind) I will help make it possible... but only if you believe and have faith that I can make it happen.. and within a six month period through several doors that God opened... I received the Christmas gift from God of my violin...  helped me get another professional level violin, so we are talking about much more money... With God all things are possible..)    I need to finish this account later...  

Add my experience attending the opera in Heaven with Jesus present.. 

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